Al-Snoubari Park

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Al-Snoubari Park
Al-Snoubari park.jpg
Al-Snoubari Park (to the right)
Type Municipal
Location Bostan Pasha district, Aleppo
Coordinates 36°13′33″N 37°09′42″E / 36.22583°N 37.16167°E / 36.22583; 37.16167Coordinates: 36°13′33″N 37°09′42″E / 36.22583°N 37.16167°E / 36.22583; 37.16167
Area 11 hectares
Created 2011
Operated by Aleppo city council
Status Open all year

Al-Snoubari Park (in Arabic: حديقة الصنوبري) is an 11 hectare urban park located in Aleppo, Syria. With an approximate length of 600 metres and a width of 170 metres, the park is located in the Bostan Pasha district of Aleppo, on the right bank of Queiq River. The park was opened in November 2011 by the municipality with a total cost of US$ 6.5 million.[1]

The park is home to an amphitheatre with a capacity of 3,000 seats.