Al-Suwaira District

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Coordinates: 32°54′43″N 44°46′15″E / 32.911836°N 44.770958°E / 32.911836; 44.770958

Al-Suwaira District
قضاء الصويرة
Country  Iraq
Governorate Wasit Governorate
Seat Al-Suwaira
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

Al-Suwaira District (Arabic: قضاء الصويرة‎, translit. Kaza Al-Suwaira) is part of the Wasit Governorate in eastern Iraq and is about 35 km south-east of Baghdad. The Tigris runs through it. Famous for its fruit and palm orchards, its seat is the city of Al-Suwaira. Shaykh Mazhar Air Base is roughly 13 km west of the city of Al-Suwaira.