Al-Ustazah Fatimah

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Al-Ustazah Fatimah
الأستاذة فاطمة
Ostaza fatma.jpg
Al-Ustazah Fatimah poster
Directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab
Produced by Amir Film
Written by Ali El Zorkani
Starring Faten Hamama
Kamal Al-Shennawi
Music by Fouad El Zahiri
Cinematography Waheed Hamed
Distributed by Nile Cinema
Release date
Egypt 1952
Running time
105 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Al-Ustazah Fatimah About this sound listen  (Arabic: الأستاذة فاطمة‎‎, English: Miss Fatimah or The Lawyer Fatimah) is a 1952 Egyptian comedy film directed by Fatin Abdel Wahab. It starred Kamal Al-Shennawi and Faten Hamama and was written by Ali El Zorkani.


Fatimah (Faten Hamama) is law student that graduates from law school and starts her own law firm. In law school she meets Adel (Kamal Al-Shennawi), another student, and the two share a romantic relationship. The movie highlights the difficulties that working women suffered during that period in the Egyptian society. One of Adel's clients involves him in a crime. Adel becomes a suspect himself but by the support and defense of Fatimah, he gains his freedom. After winning the case, Fatimah and Adel marry each other.


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