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Al Waqt
Type Daily
Editor-in-chief Mansoor Al Jamri
Founded 21 February 2006
Language Arabic
Ceased publication May 2010

Al Waqt (Arabic: الوقت‎‎ meaning The Time) was a Bahraini Arabic-language daily newspaper. It was published between 2006 and 2010.

History and profile[edit]

Al Waqt was first published on 21 February 2006.[1][2] Khawla Mattar was among the founders of the paper[3] which was headquartered in West Riffa.[4]

Ibrahim Bashmi, a member of Bahrain's Shura Council, served as the editor-in-chief.[5] Mansoor Al Jamri also served in the post.[6]

The newspaper ceased publication in May 2010 after incurring financial difficulties.[7][8] In July 2012, it was revealed that Bahraini MP Osama Al Tamimi was planning to purchase the newspaper.[7]

The paper had a leftist-nationalist slant, and along with Al Wasat, is regarded as the only Bahraini newspaper independent of the government. Among the popular writers for the paper's opinion columns were poet Qasim Haddad, Munira Fakhro, Abdulhadi Khalaf, and Mohammed Fadhel.


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