Al-Watah ballistic missile base

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Al-Watah ballistic missile base
Al-Watah ballistic missile base is located in Saudi Arabia
Al-Watah ballistic missile base
Al-Watah ballistic missile base
Coordinates24°12′49″N 44°42′07″E / 24.213691°N 44.701952°E / 24.213691; 44.701952
TypeMissile base
Site information
OwnerRoyal Saudi Strategic Missile Force
Controlled bySaudi Arabia
Site history
Built2007 (2007)

Al-Watah ballistic missile base is a ballistic missile facility in the low but quite rocky mountains near the town of Al-Watah, Saudi Arabia, 200 km west-southwest of Riyadh. [1] The analysts think that the base was built no earlier than 2008. The communication tower of the base is situated at coordinates: 24°12′49″N 44°42′07″E / 24.213691°N 44.701952°E / 24.213691; 44.701952. The base has several underground entry gates, parking slots for mobile launchers and two large launch pads that are identical to ones that can be seen at Chinese DF-3 (CSS-2) Dongfeng missile bases. The liquid-fueled DF-3A is an early Chinese nuclear weapon Intermediate-range ballistic missile and is believed to have a range of 4,000 – 5,000 km with a 2,000 kg warhead.[2] Michael Elleman and Joseph S. Bermudez Jr. stated that the site appears to have a rock-engine production and test facility.[3]

The launch pads' marks and configuration from satellite images[4] show that the base is 'targeting Iran and Israel with ballistic missiles'.[5]

Construction of the base likely began in 2013.[3]


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