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 • Arabic اليامون
Al Yamun-67518.jpg
al-Yamun is located in the Palestinian territories
Location of al-Yamun within Palestine
Coordinates: 32°29′11.35″N 35°14′06.98″E / 32.4864861°N 35.2352722°E / 32.4864861; 35.2352722Coordinates: 32°29′11.35″N 35°14′06.98″E / 32.4864861°N 35.2352722°E / 32.4864861; 35.2352722
Governorate Jenin
 • Type Municipality
 • Jurisdiction 20,361 dunams (20.4 km2 or 7.9 sq mi)
Population (2007)[1]
 • Jurisdiction 16,383

Al-Yamun (Arabic: اليامون‎) is a Palestinian town located nine kilometers west of Jenin in the Jenin Governorate, in the northern West Bank. Al-Yamun's land area consists of approximately 20,000 dunams, of which 1,300 dunams is built-up area.[2]

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the town had a population of 16,383 inhabitants in the 2007 census.[1] The population is formed mainly of a number of families such as Frihat, Khamaysa, Samudi, Hushiya, Abu al-Hija, Samara 'Abahra, Zaid, Jaradat and Nawhda.[2]

On October 29, 2008, Muhammad 'Abahra, a farmer in the town was killed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). 'Abahra had a shotgun in his possession leading the IDF to believe he would fire at them. 'Abahra's son, however, alleged, that his father was guarding his sheep from suspected thieves.[3]



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