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Al-Zawraa TV logo

Al-Zawraa (or Al-Zawra) TV was an Iraqi satellite television channel that was known for airing video footage of insurgent attacks on US-led coalition forces.


In January 2007, the station was noted broadcasting on the Eutelsat-owned Eurobird satellite and on the Arabsat/Badr satellite, both at the 26 degrees east orbital position. The Eurobird outlet was closed after only a few days' operation. The station's transmission was closed on the Nilesat 101 satellite in February 2007 for "interference with other channels". It became available again on the 7W position via Atlantic Bird 4.


Typical programming for the channel included footage of resistance snipers killing American soldiers in Iraq, and video of Improvised Explosive Device attacks on coalition military vehicles. In many cases, these videos appear with patriotic, liberation, or anti-US style songs in the background, with the network asking viewers to comment on these videos by E-Mail.

Other programmes have included commentaries against the US-led invasion of Iraq, and, for a short time, news bulletins read by presenters wearing Ba'ath Party army fatigues.

The station was also known to show Hidden Camera Jihad, a video compilation of insurgent operations against US forces with slapstick-style soundtrack and video effects.[1]

The programmes were in Arabic, with occasional English subtitles.


The station appeared to close down in July 2007 after its transmissions via the Arabsat satellite were jammed. It is now banned in Iraq.[2]