El Ashash

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El Aashash
(Arabic: القشاش)
El Ashash poster.jpg
Film poster
Directed by Ismael Farouk
Produced by Walid Al Kurdi
Written by Mohamed Samir Mabrouk
  • Horreya Farghaly
  • Mohamed Farag
Music by El Esaba Band
Distributed by Arabia Cinema Distribution
Release date
  • October 12, 2013 (2013-10-12) (Egypt)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

El Ashash (original Arabic: القشاش‎‎) is an 2013 Egyptian drama film written by Mohamed Samir Mabrouk, produced by Walid Al Kurdi, and directed by Ismael Farouk.


A little boy (Mohamed Farag) gets lost and is being raised by a worker in an orphanage. Growing up, his life is otherwise normal until he is accused of killing someone. He decides to run away and prove his innocence. He meets a Shaabi belly dancer (Horeya Farghaly) who helps him to escape.


  • Mohamed Farag
  • Horeya Farghaly
  • Dalal Abdel Aziz
  • Marwa Adbelmenem
  • Soleiman Eid
  • Ihab Fahmi
  • Hassan Hosny
  • Heba Magdy
  • Hanan Metaweh
  • Alaa Morsy
  • Hanan Youssef


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