Al Azhar English Language Resource Center

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English Language Resource Center
Nasr City
Established 2007
Director Maria C. Arruda

Al Azhar English Language Resource Center (ELRC) was founded in 2007 at the Nasr City, Cairo campus of Al Azhar University as a result of collaboration between Al Azhar University and the United States Embassy in Cairo. The US Embassy provides the ELRC with American English Language Fellows with master's degrees in teaching English as a second language through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and is overseen by the Cairo Regional English Language Office.


Due largely to political sensitivities surrounding the project, many Al Azhar faculty initially opposed the creation of the center based on suspicions of indoctrination or a hidden American agenda.[citation needed] The Egyptian English-language periodical Al Ahram Weekly featured the ELRC around the time of its opening.[1]


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