Al Bayda, Yemen

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Al Bayda
Al Bayda is located in Yemen
Al Bayda
Al Bayda
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 13°58′35″N 45°34′15″E / 13.97639°N 45.57083°E / 13.97639; 45.57083
Country  Yemen
Governorate Al Bayda Governorate
Occupation Houthis (Ansar Allah)
Time zone Yemen Standard Time (UTC+3)

Al Bayda, also transliterated as Baida,[1] Al-Baidhah or Beida (Arabic: البيضاء‎‎ Al-Bayḍāʾ), (not to be mixed with al-Bayda' in al-Jawf, the ancient Nashqum) is a town in central Yemen, in the Governorate of Al Bayda, in northern Yemen.

It is located 130 miles SE of Sanaa, at 13°59′20″N 45°34′38″E / 13.98889°N 45.57722°E / 13.98889; 45.57722. Rada' (Arabic: رداع‎‎ Radāʿ) is the present capital of Governorate of Al Bayda'.

Its population, according to the 2011 Yemeni census, was 29,853.[2]

On 8 October 2014, at least nine people have been killed in an attack by al-Qaeda militants on security and government buildings in the town, Officials say. The official Saba news agency said car bombs were used in the dawn assault which was repelled.[3]

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  • Sheba Kingdom (1,200 BCE to 325 CE), archeological site of empire's capital is nearby


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Coordinates: 13°43′N 44°44′E / 13.717°N 44.733°E / 13.717; 44.733