Al Bidaoui

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Al Bidaoui
Locale Casablanca, Morocco
Transit type Rapid transit
Number of lines 1 (2 planned)
Number of stations 11
Began operation 2002
Operator(s) ONCF
System length 32.0 km (19.9 mi)

Al Bidaoui (Casablanca RER) is a rapid transit system serving Casablanca, Morocco. This system represents the combination of a modern city-centre underground rail with a pre-existing set of commuter rail lines. Within the city, the RER functions like a metro, but outside the city, the RER operates as an express train service. THE RER opened in 2002.


The current Al Bidaoui line[edit]

Map of the current Al Bidaoui line

RER line (under construction, planned for 2020)[edit]

Map of the future RER line
Global map of Casablanca regional rail network in 2030, as planned

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