Al Duqm Port & Drydock

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Al Duqm Port & Drydock
Al Duqm  Port  & Drydock is located in Oman
Al Duqm  Port  & Drydock
Al Duqm
& Drydock
Location in Oman
Country  Oman
Location Duqm, Al Wusta Region
Coordinates 19°40′7″N 57°42′0″E / 19.66861°N 57.70000°E / 19.66861; 57.70000Coordinates: 19°40′7″N 57°42′0″E / 19.66861°N 57.70000°E / 19.66861; 57.70000
Opened 2013
Operated by Oman Drydock Company, S.A.O.C.
Owned by Government of Oman
Type of harbor Port and Drydock
Annual revenue 1.5 bl US Dollar

Al Duqm Port & Drydock is a seaport located in Oman. The port is equipped with a Ship Repair Yard & Drydock facility, which is the first of its kind in Oman. Control of the port was transferred to the Ministry of Transport and Communications in May 2012. The port authority is the Port of Duqm Company, S.A.O.C., who manage the port.

Oman Drydock Company (ODC) have run the ship repair yard since 2013; primarily for the overhaul and conversion of large commercial vessels. In 2017 ODC and Babcock International Group started Duqm Naval Dockyard (DND), focusing on the expansion of the port's capability into the support of military forces operating in the region.[1]

International access[edit]

In August 2017, Oman and the United Kingdom signed a memorandum of understanding allowing th Royal Navy access to the port facilities of Duqm.[2]

In February 2018, India announced that it had secured access to the facilities at Duqm for the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy.[2] Duqm had previously served as a port for the INS Mumbai.[2]

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