Al Gharrafa

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Al Gharrafa
Al Gharrafa is located in Qatar
Al Gharrafa
Al Gharrafa
Coordinates: 25°19′47″N 51°26′52″E / 25.329790°N 51.447903°E / 25.329790; 51.447903Coordinates: 25°19′47″N 51°26′52″E / 25.329790°N 51.447903°E / 25.329790; 51.447903
MunicipalityAl Rayyan

Al Gharrafa (Arabic: الغرافة‎) is a district of Al Rayyan City in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al Rayyan.[1] In close proximity to metropolitan Doha and Education City, the Doha Expressway runs along the district. Many malls operate out of the area, most notably Landmark Mall.[2]


In Arabic, "gharafa" translates as "to scoop up". It was so named because it is a low-lying floodplain from whence locals would scoop up water from in the past.[3]


J.G. Lorimer's mentioned Al Gharrafa in 1908 in his Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, referring to it as "Qarāfah". He stated that it lied "8 miles west of Dohah" and remarked on the presence of a masonry well that is only 3 feet deep yielding good water.[4]


When free elections of the Central Municipal Council first took place in Qatar during 1999,[5] Al Gharrafa was designated the seat of constituency no. 21.[6] It would remain the headquarters of constituency no. 21 for the next three consecutive elections until the fifth municipal elections in 2015, when it was made the headquarters of constituency no. 15. Also included in its constituency is south Izghawa and south Al Kharaitiyat.[7] In the inaugural municipal elections in 1999, Ahmed Hussein Al Kubaisi won the elections, receiving 21%, or 88 votes. The runner-up candidate was Mohammed Salem Al Marri, whose share of the votes was 18.9%, or 42 votes. Voter turnout was 68.6%.[6] Elections in 2002 saw Nasser Salman Al-Dosari elected as the constituent official.[8] In 2007, Mubarak Faresh Salem won the elections,[9] and retained his seat in the 2011,[10] and 2015 elections.[7]


Construction of Sidra Medical and Research Center in 2015.

Sidra Medical and Research Center, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, is located in Al Gharrafa. To the south-west is Gharrafat Al Rayyan, which hosts the Qatar Science & Technology Park, the Qatar National Convention Centre, and other facilities of Education City. Also located south of Al Gharrafa is the district of Al Shagub, which accommodates some of Education City's universities.[3]


Multi-sports club Al-Gharafa SC is based in the district. The football team plays its home games at Thani bin Jassim Stadium.[11]


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