Al Gomhuria

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This article is about the Egyptian newspaper. For the Algerian newspaper, see El Djoumhouria. For the Lebanese newspaper, see Al Joumhouria.
Al Gomhuria
الجمهوريةAl Gomhuria
Al Gomhuria logo
Type Daily
Format Broadsheet
Publisher Dar Al Tahrir Publishing House
Editor Al Sayed Al Bably
Founded 1954; 63 years ago (1954)
Headquarters Ramsees, Cairo, Egypt
Website Al Gomhuria

Al Gomhuria (Arabic: الجمهورية‎‎; English: The Republic) is an influential state-owned Egyptian Arabic language daily newspaper.

History and profile[edit]

Al Gomhuria was established in 1954 following the Egyptian revolution[1][2] and became the new regime's leading media outlet.[3] The paper was published using the facilities of Wafd party's newspaper Al Mısri, which had been disestablished by the regime.[3] Anwar Sadat became the editor of the daily.[3] The publisher of the paper is Dar Al Tahrir which was founded following the 1952 revolution.[4][5]

The circulation of the daily in 2000 was 400,000 copies.[6] The 2005 circulation of the daily was 200,000 copies.[7]

Samir Ragab served as the chairman of the board and the editor in chief of the daily.[8] In August 2012, Gamal Abdel Rahim was appointed editor-in-chief of the paper by the Egyptian Shura Council.[9] However, he was fired in October 2012 and Al Sayed Al Bably was named as the editor-in-chief in November.[10]

Dar Al Tahrir publishing house also owns the followings:

  • Al Ray Lel Shaab (weekly newspaper)
  • Al Messa (evening newspaper)
  • Al Kora wal Malaeb (sports)
  • Shashaty (enterianment)
  • Aqidaty (Islamic).

The group also publishes:

Notable editors[edit]

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