Al Gomhuria

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Al Gomhuria
الجمهوريةAl Gomhuria
Al Gomhuria logo
Type Daily
Format Broadsheet
Publisher Dar Al Tahrir Publishing House
Editor Al Sayed Al Bably
Founded 1954; 63 years ago (1954)
Headquarters Ramsees, Cairo, Egypt
Website Al Gomhuria

Al Gomhuria (Arabic: الجمهورية‎‎; English: The Republic) is an influential state-owned Egyptian Arabic language daily newspaper.

History and profile[edit]

Al Gomhuria was established in 1954 following the Egyptian revolution[1][2] and became the new regime's leading media outlet.[3] The paper was published using the facilities of Wafd party's newspaper Al Mısri, which had been disestablished by the regime.[3] Anwar Sadat became the editor of the daily.[3] The publisher of the paper is Dar Al Tahrir which was founded following the 1952 revolution.[4][5]

The circulation of the daily in 2000 was 400,000 copies.[6] The 2005 circulation of the daily was 200,000 copies.[7]

Samir Ragab served as the chairman of the board and the editor in chief of the daily.[8] In August 2012, Gamal Abdel Rahim was appointed editor-in-chief of the paper by the Egyptian Shura Council.[9] However, he was fired in October 2012 and Al Sayed Al Bably was named as the editor-in-chief in November.[10]

Dar Al Tahrir publishing house also owns the followings:

  • Al Ray Lel Shaab (weekly newspaper)
  • Al Messa (evening newspaper)
  • Al Kora wal Malaeb (sports)
  • Shashaty (enterianment)
  • Aqidaty (Islamic).

The group also publishes:

Notable editors[edit]

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