Al Hajjarah

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Al Hajjarah
Skyline of Al Hajjarah
Al Hajjarah is located in Yemen
Al Hajjarah
Al Hajjarah
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 15°4′3″N 43°43′2″E / 15.06750°N 43.71722°E / 15.06750; 43.71722Coordinates: 15°4′3″N 43°43′2″E / 15.06750°N 43.71722°E / 15.06750; 43.71722
Country Yemen
Elevation6,096 ft (1,858 m)
 • Total2,500
Time zoneUTC+03:00 (Yemen Standard Time)

Al Hajjarah (Arabic: الهجرة‎) sometimes spelled Al Hajarah or Al Hajjara, is a village in Yemen. It is located in the Manakhah District of the Sanaʽa Governorate, in the Haraz Mountains. It is a former market town, lying along the Sana'a-Al-Hudayda road, and today is used as a base camp by trekkers.[3]

Al Hajjarah is built upon a precipice and is famous for its towering houses which are built onto the cliff faces.[4][5] Its citadel was founded in the 12th century by the Sulaihids, and became an important fortification during the Ottoman occupation of Yemen, given the strategic importance of the location.[3][4] Al Hajjarah is known to be a producer of pepper.[6]

Al Hajjarah contains the former residence of Imam Yahya Muhammad,[7] a signatory to the Italo-Yemeni Treaty of 1926.


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