Al Hamawat Al Fatenat

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El Hamawat El Fatenat
Directed by Helmy Rafla
Produced by Assia Dagher
Screenplay by Abo El Seoud El Ebiary
Distributed by Lotus
Release date
1954 [1]
Running time
91 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

El Hamawat El Fatenat (Arabic: الحماوات الفاتنات‎‎, English: The Pretty Mothers-in-law) is a 1953 Egyptian film about a couple who are married, played by Kamal El Shennawy and Kareman, and get into daily arguments and conflicts with each other because they share a roof with their mothers-in-law.


Samir is a handsome, young man in his mid twenties. He works in a construction company and gets married to Nabila, the woman he’s always loved. Only days after their marriage, Nabila’s mother decides to come and live with them in the same house. Samir’s mother feels jealous, and decides she as well should have that “privilege”. Naturally, the two mothers-in-law begin arguing about different things and life at home becomes extremely chaotic. So, Samir (played by Kamal El Shennawy) decides to get a groom for his mother-in-law so she can leave the house. When he finally got her a groom, his mother did her best to try to get Nabila on her side. Again they start fighting over him until Nabila and his mother decide to leave the house and stay away for a few days. Nabila is pregnant at the time and when she is about to give birth, Samir gets into trouble with his company and ends up in prison for a couple of days. Nabila gives birth, travels to be by his side and leaves her child under the responsibility of her mothers-in-law. When Samir finishes his time in prison, they get the shocking news that a car hit their child. The movie ends with the scene of everyone in the hospital and the mothers-in-law confesses that they are indeed the cause of many of the problems and so they promise to leave them alone in peace.[2]


  • Kamal el-Shennawi as Samir
  • Kareman as Nabila
  • Ismail Yasin as Bahgat
  • Mari Moneeb as Samir's mother
  • Mimi Shakeeb as Nabila's mother
  • Abd El Salam El Nabulsi

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