Al Hoceima National Park

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Al Hoceima National Park
IUCN category II (national park)
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Map showing the location of Al Hoceima National Park
Map showing the location of Al Hoceima National Park
Coordinates35°14′24″N 3°55′48″W / 35.24000°N 3.93000°W / 35.24000; -3.93000Coordinates: 35°14′24″N 3°55′48″W / 35.24000°N 3.93000°W / 35.24000; -3.93000
Area470 km²

Al Hoceima National Park (In Tarifit: Afrag Anamur n Lhusima) is a national park, outside the town of Al Hoceima in Morocco. It covers an area of 470 square kilometres, including 190 km2 at sea. The area is dotted with Berber settlements and criss-crossed by dirt roads, making it ideal trekking and mountain-biking territory. Its isolation has helped preserve several at-risk species, from its thuya forests to an important colony of fish eagles. While a 4WD opens up your options, a 2x4 will get you through the main tracks. The park offers two regions: the central Rif bordered by the N16 in the south and west, and the coast.

Cliffs at Al Hoceima National Park

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