Al Jama-ah

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Al Jama-ah
Leader Ganief Hendricks
Founded 23 April 2007
Headquarters The Business hub, Pinelands, Cape Town
Ideology Islamism
Colours Red, Green, Black and White

Al Jama-ah is a South African political party. It was formed in 2007 by present leader Ganief Hendriecks and contested the 2009 and 2014 national elections.[1] It has no seats on national or provincial level, but won 9 seats at the local level in the most recent municipal elections in 2016.

The party was established by its present leader, Ganief Hendriecks, to ensure that South African Muslims play a positive role in the post-Apartheid South African politics.The party aims to support Muslim interests and uphold shariah law.

Election results[edit]

National Assembly[edit]

Election Total votes Share of vote Seats +/– Government
2009 25,947 0.15
0 / 400
2014 25,976 0.14
0 / 400
Steady ±0 extraparliamentary

Municipal elections[edit]

Election Votes  % +/–
2011[2] 13,227 0.04%
2016[3] 36,891 0.10%

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