Al Jamhuriah Street

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Al Jamhuriah Street is one of the most important streets in Baghdad. It starts from Bab al Muadhm and ends in Al Tahreer Square. It contains many important areas, including:

  • From Bab Almudham bridge to Al Shuhdaa there is Al Meedan Square.
  • Al Shorja from Al Shuhdaa bridge to Alahrar and it is the greatest commercial center in Iraq
  • Sayed Sultan Ali from Alahrar Bridge to Al Rasheed Bridge contains the main market of electric motors; and on the other side there is the Ammant Baghdad building
  • Al Sinak and Bab Alshrji (the east gate) from Al Rasheed Bridge to Al Jamhuriah Bridge contains a market specializing in for auto parts in Sinak.