Al Jouf University

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Al Jouf University
جامعة الجوف
Established 2005; 12 years ago (2005)
Location Al-Jawf, Saudi Arabia

Al Jouf University is located in Al-Jawf, Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 2005 by royal decree.[1][2] It is currently the only university serving the Al-Jouf Region.

Colleges and Faculties of Al-Jouf University[edit]

Al-Jouf University contains ten colleges on its main campus in Sakaka and a number of other colleges on various sub campuses, some of them being former separate community colleges. These include:

  1. The College of Education
  2. The College of Pharmacy
  3. The College of Science
  4. The College of Applied Natural Sciences
  5. The College of Science and Literature (Qariyaat campus)
  6. The Community College of Qariyaat (Qariyaat campus)
  7. The Community College of Tabrajal (Tabrajal campus)
  8. The College of Dentistry
  9. The College of Sharee'ah and Law
  10. The College of Medicine
  11. The College of Humanitarian and Administrative Sciences
  12. The College of Applied Medical Sciences (Qariyaat campus)
  13. The College of Science and Literature (Tabrajal campus)
  14. The Community College of Sakaka
  15. The College of Engineering
  16. The College of Computer and Information Sciences [3]

Community Colleges[edit]

The Community College of Sakaka was originally an all girls college ran under the Ministry of Education separately from the University. It was formally joint to Al-Jouf University in April 2007 when a royal decree was issued for all community colleges in the kingdom to join major universities.

The Community College of Sakaka currently has an English Language Faculty and an Applied Natural Sciences Faculty for both male and female students. Students can choose between a two-year preparatory diploma or a bachelor's degree in the available faculties.[4]


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