Al Joumhouria

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This article is about the Lebanese newspaper. For the Algerian newspaper, see El Djoumhouria. For the Egyptian newspaper, see Al Gomhuria.
Al Joumhouria
Type Daily newspaper
Format Tabloid
Publisher Elias Murr
Staff writers 200
Founded 1924
Headquarters Amara Bldg, Beirut, Lebanon

Al Joumhouria (Arabic: الجمهورية ‎‎) (literally The Republic) is a Lebanese daily newspaper founded in 1924.[1]


After its founding in 1924, Al Joumhouria ceased publication for an extended period. At attempt at resuming in 1985 was not completed because of the Lebanese Civil War. A second, by owner and editor Elias Murr in 2005, was halted when a failed assassination attempt left Murr with serious injuries.[2] Finally the paper was published on 28 February 2011, the first issue since the initial cessation of publication.[3] Its release was accompanied by a significant advertising campaign featuring the paper's motto, "when silence became betrayal, Al Joumhouria spoke."[4]


The paper is organized into sections: Local and international news, business, arts, science, health, style, culture, sports, technology, and religion; over 32 color pages.[5] It is also available on for iPad—making Al Joumhouria the first Lebanese Arabic newspaper with an iPad application[6]—and e-reader devices.

Leading caricaturist Pierre Sadek worked for the daily until his death in April 2013.[7]

Pan Arab[edit]

Al Joumhouria Newscorp Group will soon launch its Pan Arab News, marrying innovation and creativity with use smart technologies to offer its users a unique experience.[8]

With more than 500 reporters in the Arab World, Al Joumhouria Pan Arab will have headquarters in Beirut, KSA, UAE and Egypt as well as accredited delegates in all the countries members of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Pan Arab News will tackle Middle East news as well as the latest events in the Gulf Region.[9]


Al[10] is a leading news website in Lebanon and the Arab World covering local, regional and international news. The website was highly awarded in Lebanese and the Arab world.[11]

Al Joumhouria .com has developed a mobile application for Apple, Windows phone, Windows 8, Android and Blackberry users, and was the first to send breaking news as push notifications in Arabic.[12]


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