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Al Koran (1914–1972) was a British mentalist, author and inventor.[1][2][3] He invented the Ring Flite and popularised a version of the Bagshawe deck which became known as the Koran deck. Al Koran was the stage name of Edward Doe, who was a former hairdresser that turned professional magician/mentalist. Al appeared many times on The Ed Sullivan Show. He emigrated to the United States in January 1969, first to Cleveland, Ohio, and then later settling in Chicago, Illinois. After his death from cancer, his ashes were handled by his friend and fellow magician Billy McComb.

In 1958 Fitness magazine wrote of him: "... he is as great a psychologist as he is a magician, and has lectured at Cambridge University and before many distinguished audiences. In its relation to physical health, he believes that fitness of the mind plays an all-important part."[4]


  • Mastered amazement: Mainly for the manipulator (1947)
  • (How to) Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind (1964 in UK,[5] 1965 in US and Canada,[6] since reissued;[7] ghosted by June Kynaston[8])
  • Al Koran's Professional Presentations (1967)
  • The Magic of the Mind in Action (1972)


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