Al Mahdi Mosque, Bradford

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Al Mahdi Mosque
Bradford Mosque.jpg
Al Mahdi Mosque in Bradford
Basic information
LocationRees Way, Bradford
 United Kingdom
Geographic coordinates53°48′4″N 1°44′40″W / 53.80111°N 1.74444°W / 53.80111; -1.74444Coordinates: 53°48′4″N 1°44′40″W / 53.80111°N 1.74444°W / 53.80111; -1.74444
Architectural description
Architectural typeMosque
Construction cost£ 2.5 million

The Al Mahdi Mosque is an Ahmadi Muslim mosque in Bradford, England. The mosque was built at a cost £2.5 million entirely from voluntary donations of British Ahmadi Muslim. The mosque was opened on 7 November 2008 by Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the current and fifth caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.[1] With a capacity of 2,000 worshippers, it is among the largest in the city.[1] The inauguration was attended by many Ahmadi Muslims and over 300 guests.[citation needed] Located in Rees Way, Bradford, the mosque lies on a plateau, and therefore the mosque is visible from miles around within the city.[citation needed]

In 2014, the mosque was the host of BBC Radio 4's topical debate progaramme Any Questions?.[2]

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