Al Mahrah Governorate

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Al Mahrah

Flag of Al Mahrah
Al Mahrah in Yemen.svg
SeatAl Ghaydah
 • GovernorRajeh Said Bakrit
 • Total122,500 km2 (47,300 sq mi)
 • Total400,000
 • Density3.3/km2 (8.5/sq mi)

Al Mahrah (Arabic: ٱلْمَهْرَةAl-Mahrah), or simply Mahra, is a governorate (muhafazah) of Yemen in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. Situated in the area of the former Mahra Sultanate, its capital is Al Ghaydah, and it has international borders with Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Languages and people[edit]

A sizeable part of the Mahrah population does not speak Arabic as their primary language. Non-Arabic-speakers primarily speak Mehri or Mahri, a Modern South Arabian language,[2] similar to the adjacent Dhofar Governorate of Oman. The people that speak Mahri call themselves 'Mahris', and are presumed to be descendants of the ancient people of 'Ad.[3]


The geography of Al-Mahrah is similar to that of neighboring Dhofar in Oman. Rigid peaks rising to around 1,300 m (4,300 ft), and the Empty Quarter Desert desert lies to the north. Along its coast near the border with Oman, Al Mahrah is affected by the seasonal monsoon, or Khareef. The mountains become water-soaked and the atmosphere becomes moist and foggy as vegetation turns the barren coast into lush valleys and forests. Hauf National Park is located in Al-Mahrah.[citation needed]


Yemen Civil War[edit]

The Mahrah Governorate has been a major attraction point for the alleged smuggling of weapons; however, the governorate has remained out of sight of the civil war in Yemen which began in 2014.[4]


The Al Mahrah Governorate is divided into ten separate districts. These districts are further divided into sub-districts and then into villages.

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Coordinates: 16°48′N 51°44′E / 16.800°N 51.733°E / 16.800; 51.733