Al Mahrah Governorate

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Al Mahrah
Al Mahrah in Yemen.svg
Country Yemen
Seat Al Ghaydah
 • Total 82,405 km2 (31,817 sq mi)
Population [1]
 • Total 108,000
 • Density 1.3/km2 (3.4/sq mi)

Al Mahrah or Mahra (Arabic: المهرة‎‎ Al Mahra) is a governorate (muhafazah) of Yemen in the southern Arabian Peninsula. Situated in the area of the former Mahra Sultanate, its capital is Al Ghaydah.

In addition to Arabic, Mehri, a Modern South Arabian language, is spoken in Mahra.

The geography of Al Mahrah is similar to the one of neighboring Dhofar in Oman. Rigid peaks rising to around 1,300 meters and the treacherous Empty Quarter desert lies to the north. Along its coast near the border with Oman, Al Mahrah is affected by the seasonal monsoon, or Khareef. The mountains become water soaked and the atmosphere becomes moist and foggy as vegetation turns the barren coast into lush valleys and forests. Hauf National Park is located in Al Mahrah.



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Coordinates: 16°48′N 51°44′E / 16.800°N 51.733°E / 16.800; 51.733