Al Mahwit

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Al Mahwit
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Al Mahwit is located in Yemen
Al Mahwit
Al Mahwit
Location in Yemen
Coordinates: 15°28′10″N 43°32′43″E / 15.46944°N 43.54528°E / 15.46944; 43.54528Coordinates: 15°28′10″N 43°32′43″E / 15.46944°N 43.54528°E / 15.46944; 43.54528
Country  Yemen
Governorate Al Mahwit
Population (2012)
 • Total 16,291

Al Mahwit (Arabic: المحويت‎‎ Al-Maḥwīt) is the capital city of Al Mahwit Governorate, Yemen. It is located at an elevation of about 2000 metres.


Al Mahwit

The old town of Al-Mahwit is situated around a mountain fortress. Until the 1970s, Al Mahwit was extremely isolated. The town had a population of about 10,000 in the early 1980s, after which infrastructure was developed and water, sanitation and electricity added. [1]


The area is mountainous, set in the Haraz Mountains and attracts trekkers.[2] Al-Mahwit is surrounded by several wadis such as Wadi Sama'a, Wadi Eyan, Wadi Juma't Saria, Wadi Hawar, Wadi Bour, Wadi Al- Hawdh, Wadi Thabab, Wadi Laa'a, Wadi Al-Ahjer and Wadi Naa'wan. Numerous villages are spread in the area that were built on and around rocks.


The area and surrounding governorate depends on agriculture, mainly the production of coffee, tobacco, corn, sorghum and qat.[1]


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