Al Manar National School, Handessa

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Al Manar National School, Handessa
அல்-மனார் தேசிய பாடசாலை, ஹந்தஸ்ஸ
Al - Manar National School, Handessa Logo.jpg

School typePublic National School
MottoLord! Reward Me Wisdom
DenominationMinistry of Education, Sri Lanka
Established26 March 1892
FoundedSeptember 1892
AuthorityMinistry of Education, Sri Lanka
OversightMinistry of Education, Sri Lanka
PrincipalM. J. M. Hijas
Teaching staff68
GradesClass 6-13
Age11 to 19
LanguageTamil and English
Color(s)Maroon &


AlumniOld Almanarians

Al Manar National School (commonly known as Al-Manar College or simply as Al-Manar), Tamil: அல்-மனார் is a national school in Handessa, Kandy. It was founded 15 September 1892. It is one of the oldest Muslim school established in Sri Lanka.[citation needed][1][2]


The Al Manar National School was founded in 1892[3] as Pethiyagoda Tamil School in Thalawathura. It was later moved to Boowelikada in 1929 and named as Ketakumbura Tamil school, then in 1964 it was moved to its current location in Ambarapola. At that time the school was called Al Manar Maha Vidyalaya and later on in 1999 it was renamed Al Manar Central College (National School).[citation needed]

Factors influencing establishment[edit]

During the period of British Colonial regime there were only missionary schools far from villages to educate the children and only elite classes were able to educate their children so for the poor and middle class there were no proper schools so the community leaders decided to request to higher authorities to establish a school in compliance with this school was established.[4]

125 Years Anniversary[edit]

For the school's 125th Anniversary the Al Manar management board, SDC, OBA and OGA joined together and planned a 125-year celebration walk. [5] [6] [7]


The students are divided into six houses, which are split by gender, as the result three houses are for boys and three houses are for girls. The houses, led by house captains, compete in all major games to win the inter-house games with house colours are awarded winners. The houses are:

  • Akbar colour : Blue     
  • Ikbal colour : Yellow     
  • Jinna colour : Green     
  • Jesmine colour : Yellow    
  • Lotus colour : Purple    
  • Orchid colour : Pink     

Principals / Acting Principals / Head masters[edit]

Name From To
Weerasooriya Pallewala 15.09.1892 1896 Headmaster
K. M. Banda 1896 01.09.1918 Headmaster
S. A. G. Charles 16.01.1910 30.09.1918 Assistant teacher
S. A. G. Charles 01.10.1918 30.04.1925 Assistant teacher
Manual Fernando 01.05.1925 31.03.1926 Headmaster
K. Muththaiya 01.04.1926 30.10.1926 assistant Headmaster
J. W. Muththiya 01.11.1926 31.12.1944 Headmaster
S. Murugesu 01.01.1945 31.07.1949 Headmaster
M. Abdussalam 01.08.1949 31.12.1955 Headmaster
K. M. Abdul Gaffar 01.01.1956 14.09.1967 Head master
B. G. N. Sharifodeen 15.09.1967 20.04.1968 Headmaster
A. M. Abdul Gafoor 20.04.1968 31.08.1970 Principal
A. A. M. Fuaji 01.09.1970 07.02.1972 Principal
M. S. M. M. Hassen 08.02.1972 14.03.1972 acting Principal
K. M. Abdul Gaffar 15.03.1972 30.07.1977 Principal
M. S. M. M. Hassen 01.08.1977 21.02.1978 acting Principal
K. L. Abu Bakkar 22.02.1978 30.05.1981 Principal
H. M. Thayib 01.06.1981 31.03.1989 Principal
C. L. Issadeen 01.04.1989 06.06.1989 acting Principal
A. C. M. Hussain 07.06.1989 31.12.1990 Principal
C. L. Issadeen 01.01.1991 31.01.1991 acting Principal
M. L. Thajudeen 01.02.1991 16.12.1996 Principal
O. M. Jabir 16.12.1996 28.02.1998 acting Principal
I. L. H. Careem 01.03.1998 22.11.1998 acting Principal
B. M. Jameel 23.11.1998 30.06.2008 Principal
M. Seyyadu Meeras 01.07.2008 06.12.2015 Principal
M. J. M. Hijas 07.12.2015 Present Principal



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