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Al Maqal (stronghold) is a district of Basra, which lies in the north of the city centre, where the Shatt Al Arab Hotel, and Al-Maqal Port lie.

The name typeface (Markel), either name installed in Maps Real Estate state is (Cote Alavrinke), one of the most beautiful cities of Iraq, and the most attractive in the middle of the last century, were not much different from the villages in the English countryside, but is almost a copy of which in terms of calm gravity and scattered houses known old European character.

Flourished this city and took superior to those of the cities of Basra starting from 1919, the year he improved the image of communities in the Iraqi ports after the First World War, it became stronghold is a favorite destination for those looking for calm amid picturesque nature, a haven that gives them pleasure travel between shrubs roads, gardens and small wooden, a resort open to crews of merchant ships calling at its port stronghold, who was lord of all ports and harbors in the Gulf basin of unchallenged. .

Built most houses on the style England, and adorned streets with palm trees and eucalyptus and Sidr, and decorated with shelves containing carnations and daffodils and violets, jasmine, and floated water lilies on the tables flowing toward the Shatt al-Arab, the unique system derives its energy natural ebb and flow in the night and the day, either fragrance that was Bashmah pervaded the nights this beautiful port city is fragrance flowers queen of the night, like distinguishing identity and brand unforgettable.

Street was (Ajnadeen) piece of paradise with orange trees, apricot, quince, was a paradise natural nesting above Ogsana beautiful types Nightingales warblers, and falls asleep in the shadow of the bathroom and doves, does not have roaming on this street but take a step back in his memoirs, and slows down the movement so as not to miss an opportunity enjoy attractive place which brought the whole beauty in the form of Street of Dreams (Street Ajnadeen).

Available to the stronghold of all the requirements sophistication in duration, which is now where (flowered Shawi) Director General of the Ports Authority, Vmnhaa spent all his time, until it became headlines of addresses prosperity, Bnoadea entertainment (Club port dog, and sports, and Armenians, and rail), and halls, sports and role cinematic, and Msabhaa three (pool port Club, swimming pool airport, swimming pool Alchaana Camp), and whose library, and mosques metropolitan, and gardens People (Andalusia, the Republic, Chinese House, Sinbad, Najibiyah, beach), and broad, and schools that were a model for schools modern Bmokhtbradtha and theaters The squares and study halls), and exclusively large Bmlaabha, which included all games, but marked by tennis courts, and football, basketball and volleyball, and weightlifting rooms.

Perhaps the public library is the largest library, containing rare books and references.

Became Gardens Chinese House available today for those who just anyone, especially after that covered the phenomenon of senses, Vtcathert at home excesses population, and it is the right of any citizen to pay tribute to his home in the manner it deems appropriate, and in the location of their choice, and space that meets their needs, and Asttalt shovels abuses to include the banks of rivers and streams, and roll to public arenas and stadiums, and treaded on taboos schools.

Then crawled toward ruin Street Ajnadeen, at night turned to Walker for ghosts and dogs Almstzibh, does not have a roving car at night in the street, only to start the maximum speed so as not hampered by the attack, which has waged aggressive stray dogs. . Winter disappeared cinema of Street Ajnadeen, and rotted ponds allocated for swimming, summer cinema became a barn for cows.

Perhaps the city recreational new (Basra Land) is the shift architectural only, witnessed by the stronghold after slumber long lasted half a century, and a quirk of fate that takes a man from her family mission to revive the old city in the investment project is huge, so today is the window entertainment first in Basra, The tourist was one of the windows, which brought joy to disadvantaged souls, burdened with the worries and tragedies.

He will return to the man who flourished in his time stronghold embodied in a monument stands on the edge of street corner (Malik bin Dinar) at the gate preparatory stronghold for girls, the distance is not far from the headquarters of prestigious institution, which carried the scepter authority Iraqi ports since 1919 and to this day.

The statue of the visual artist creations Ali Ashour, and funded by the Chief Engineer Mr. Ali Khuraibet company owner (Bozrah MAS), and the auspices of the Director General of Ports Navy Capt. (Omran Radhi second). Returned to Mezher Shawi statue which take his place firm in the hearts of fans of the children of this city, which was the most beautiful, but it is no longer the spirit and ideas of national, and there is great difference between the stone and humans, and there is great difference between stronghold beautiful and stronghold (Almpehzl), and there is great difference between the stronghold, which was a title addresses of beauty, and a symbol of urbanization, and the stronghold killed by neglect in the third millennium until it became headings underdeveloped cities dismal, current Valmakl not resemble the ancient stronghold not far nor near.