Al Mazar al Shamali

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Al Mazar al Shamali
المزار الشمالي
Al Mazar al Shamali is located in Jordan
Al Mazar al Shamali
Al Mazar al Shamali
Location in Jordan
Coordinates: 32°28′21″N 35°47′34″E / 32.47250°N 35.79278°E / 32.47250; 35.79278Coordinates: 32°28′21″N 35°47′34″E / 32.47250°N 35.79278°E / 32.47250; 35.79278
Country Flag of Jordan.svg Jordan
Governorate Irbid Governorate
 • Estimate () 16,000
Time zone UTC + 2

Al-Mazar Al-Shamali or Northern Al-Mazar (Arabic: المزار الشمالي‎‎) is a town in the Irbid Governorate of north-western Jordan. Located 15 km south-west of Irbid it has a population of approximately 20,000 people. The region is a range of high series mountains that reach a height approximately 780 meters above the sea level. The main basic characteristics of the region is that it is surrounded by the many forest extended to hundreds kilometers. The forest has many trees such as aaks and pistacia and pine. Also the region rely on basic agricultural crops: wheat, barley, and also on some of the fruit trees such as peaches, apricots, almonds, etc. The olive tree is one of the most important products in the region in addition to grapes.