Al Mutamayizeen Secondary

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Al Mutamayizeen Secondary
Arabic: ثانوية المتميزين
Welcome sign
Al Khadhraa Street
Type Public School
Established 1990
Age 11 to 18

Al Mutamayizeen (English: The Distinguished) (Arabic: ثانوية المتميزين‎) is a secondary school located in Baghdad, Iraq.

The school was established by the Ministry of Education for students who fulfill the scientific and the mental potential beside Baghdad College, initially two schools were established (one for boys and one for girls) in 1990 in the neighborhood of Al Khadhraa, and then successively, such schools were set up in Karkh district of Baghdad and also in Rusafa, and again in the cities of Basra and Mosul. The majority of graduates continue in the medical, engineering and scientific professions.

Prior to enrolment, students must pass a comprehensive academic and IQ tests before they get accepted.