Al Quds Endowment Tower

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Al Quds Endowment Tower
General information
Status Never built
Location Doha, Qatar
Coordinates 25°19′48″N 51°31′48″E / 25.33006°N 51.530102°E / 25.33006; 51.530102Coordinates: 25°19′48″N 51°31′48″E / 25.33006°N 51.530102°E / 25.33006; 51.530102
Construction started 2009
Estimated completion Never
Opening Never
Antenna spire 495 m (1,624 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 101
Design and construction
Developer Private Engineering Office

Al Quds Endowment Tower is a multipurpose skyscraper on hold in Doha, Qatar. The foundations were laid down in 2009 but construction was halted in Spring 2010.[2]

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