Al Ras, Dubai

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Al Ras[1]
Business district of Al Ras
Business district of Al Ras
Coordinates: 25°16′02″N 55°17′39″E / 25.26732°N 55.29428°E / 25.26732; 55.29428Coordinates: 25°16′02″N 55°17′39″E / 25.26732°N 55.29428°E / 25.26732; 55.29428
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
 • Total0.20 km2 (0.08 sq mi)
 • Total6,812[1]
Community number112

Al Ras (Arabic: اَلـرَّأْس‎, romanizedAr-Ra’s, "The Cape") is a locality in Dubai,[1] the United Arab Emirates. It is the westernmost locality in the area of Deira and borders the Dubai Creek to the west and south, and Al Dhagaya and Al Buteen to the east. Al Ras, literally meaning The Cape, is one of the oldest communities in Deira. It is bounded on the north, south and west by route D 85 (Al Baniyas Road) and to the east by Old Baladiya Street (110th Road).

Important landmarks in Al Ras include Dubai Central Public Library, St. George Hotel, Dubai Spice Souk, Dubai Gold Souk and Al Ras Hotel.



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