Al Tomaini

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Al Tomaini
Born Aurelio Tomaini
(1912-02-25)February 25, 1912
Long Branch, New Jersey, USA
Died August 30, 1962(1962-08-30) (aged 50)
Gibsonton, Florida, USA
Cause of death Pituitary tumor
Nationality  Italian American
Occupation Sideshow performer
Height 8 ft 4 in (254 cm)
Board member of Chamber of Commerce
Spouse(s) Evelyn Jeannie Smith Tomaini (m. 1936–62)
Children 2 adopted daughters
Parent(s) Santo Tomaini (father)
Maria Bossone (mother)
Relatives Alex Tomaini (grandson)
PJ McDonnell (Grand Nephew)
JP McDonnell (Grand Nephew) John Tomaini (Brother) John's wife- Arline Frances Tomaini their daughter Sharon Ann Welch Marcey

Aurelio "Al" Tomaini (February 25, 1912 - August 30, 1962), was once the world's tallest individual. Tomaini claimed a height of 8 feet, 5½ inches; however, he was really 8 feet, 4 inches.

Tomaini was the son of Santo Tomaini and Maria Bossone. At the age of 12, he was taller than his father, who stood 6 feet, 3 inches tall. He had a great-grandfather in Italy who was also of abnormal height. His parents consulted a physician who, through the use of X-rays, discovered the cause of his giantism to be an over-active pituitary gland.

Tomaini was a sideshow performer. He was working in a circus at the Great Lakes Exposition in Cleveland in 1943, when he met his future wife, Jeanie. After eloping from the circus, the couple settled in the circus community of  Gibsonton, Florida. There he became active in community affairs. He was owner and operator of Giants Cam lodge and  Fish Camp, a TV repair shop, and a tourist trailer court. He weighed 357 pounds and wore size 26 shoes. His death was in 1962.


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