Al Wajbah

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Al Wajbah
Country Qatar
Municipality Al Rayyan

Al Wajbah is a settlement in Qatar, located in the municipality of Al Rayyan.[1] It is 10 miles west of the capital Doha. The town was the site of the Battle of Al Wajbah, a conflict that took place between the Ottomans and the Qatari tribes in 1893. It was blockaded by the Ottomans in March 1893.[2] The main encounter took place later that month in the town's fort, Al Wajbah Fort.

In J.G. Lorimer's Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, the town was stated to have accommodated a walled garden with a fort and a mosque in 1908, all of which were owned by a member of the ruling family. It was also described as a Bedouin encampment site which contained three 40-feet deep masonry wells yielding good water.[3]


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Coordinates: 25°18′N 51°24′E / 25.300°N 51.400°E / 25.300; 51.400