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Alhayat TV also known as Life TV (قناة الحياة) is an Arabic-language television channel, which airs to viewers in countries in North Africa, West Asia, the Middle East, America, Canada, Australia and some of Europe[1] It began airing in September 2003, largely from Egypt, Alhayat is evangelical in its aims, and explains in its Website Mission Statement that "Jesus Christ came to earth to destroy the works of the devil and his blood shed on the cross to redeem humanity and restore the broken relationship with God to come back"[1] It can be viewed live from its official website.


Alhayat gears a lot of its content toward Arabic-speaking Muslims, and in many of its programmes feature professed Muslim converts to Christianity, for example "Brother Rachid",[2][3] a Moroccan ex-Muslim who converted to Christianity, is the host of the weekly live call-in show "Daring Question" (سؤال جريء). This show is considered to be the most popular or notorious and the flagship program of the channel.

Alhayat TV has become notorious for its content heavily critical of Islam and Prophet Mohammed. Its programs are being much debated and sometimes becoming the subject of angry criticism from Muslims who claim the biased inaccuracies of Alhayat's content.[4] Father Zakaria Botros, Egyptian born preacher, arrested twice by Arab authorities, is often cited in reference to this controversy, for his bold tone and exposition of the various contradictions he perceives in Islam. According to some with Western leanings, Botros's notoriety increases with the continuation of the bold discussion of Islam in a critical light, so rare among Islamic nations, and especially by those of other religions in these nations, especially of Arab Christians.[1][4][5][6]

In 2010, Zakaria Botros was expelled from al-Hayat by Joyce Meyer Ministries, which owns the station, due to threats from radical Muslims.

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