Alabama 3 discography

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Alabama 3 discography
Alabama 3 performing in Brighton in 2011.jpg
Alabama 3 performing in Brighton 2011
Studio albums 10
Compilation albums 1
Music videos 6
Singles 14
Soundtrack albums 1

This is the discography of the British acid house/blues rock band, Alabama 3. The band was founded by The Very Reverend Dr. D.Wayne Love (Jake Black) and Larry Love (Rob Spragg), and consists of nine studio albums, fourteen singles and two solo efforts from band members. Alabama 3 are best known for "Woke Up This Morning" which was chosen as the opening theme to the HBO hit series, The Sopranos. They have also covered songs by Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles and John Prine.

Studio albums[edit]

Album Year UK Chart Notes
Exile on Coldharbour Lane 1997 153
La Peste 2000 80
Power in the Blood 2002 88 First 10,000 pressings feature six bonus acoustic tracks
Last Train to Mashville, Volume 2 2003 Acoustic album
Outlaw 2005 83
M.O.R. 2007 88 #7 in the UK Indie chart
Revolver Soul 2010 66
There Will Be Peace in the Valley... When We Get the Keys to the Mansion on the Hill 2011 Acoustic album, does not feature Rev D. Wayne Love
Shoplifting 4 Jesus 2011
The Men From W.O.M.B.L.E. 2013
The Wimmin From W.O.M.B.L.E. 2014
Blues 2016

Compilation albums[edit]

Album Year UK Chart Notes
Hits and Exit Wounds 2008 155 Featured two previously unreleased tracks


Album Year UK Chart Notes
The Sopranos: Soundtrack 2002 Featured different versions of "Woke Up This Morning"


Single Album Year UK Chart Written by Notes
"Ain't Goin' to Goa" Exile on Coldharbour Lane 1996 40 Alabama 3 Re-released in 1998
"Woke Up This Morning" 1997 78 Alabama 3 Re-issued in 2000
"Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" 72 John Prine Original by John Prine
"Converted" 1998 100 Alabama 3
"Mansion on the Hill" La Peste 2001 151 Alabama 3
"Wade into the Water" Alabama 3
"Reachin'" Power in the Blood 2003 176 Alabama 3
"Hello... I'm Johnny Cash" Outlaw 2005 78 Alabama 3
"How Can I Protect You?" Alabama 3 Features Aslan
"Gospel Train" Alabama 3
"Lockdown" M.O.R. 2007 Alabama 3
"Middle of the Road" 2008 Alabama 3
"Jaqueline" Revolver Soul 2009 Alabama 3
"Vietnamistan" 2010 Alabama 3 Samples songs by Country Joe and the Fish

Solo albums[edit]

Artist Album Year UK Chart Notes
Robert Love Ghost Flight 2006
The Spirit of Love Middle Class Riot Sold only on tour and through the A3 Website

Other releases[edit]

  • Converted Pt.1 (1998) (Import)
  • Woke up this Morning (2000) (Import)
  • Sad Eyed Lady/A3 Remixes (2001)
  • Mansion on the Hill (2001) (Import)
  • Ya Basta! - Live in Italy (2001) (bootleg)
  • Zero Tolerance (2001) (bootleg)
  • Transfusion: Power in the Blood Remixes (2002) (tour only)
  • Live in Dublin (2002) (tour only)
  • Last Train to Mashville, vol.1 (2004) (tour only)
  • Live at Glastonbury 2005 (2006) (tour only)
  • Outlaw Remixes (2006) (tour only)
  • 12 Step Plan - Unofficial Release (2010)

Music videos[edit]

Title Year Album Notes
"Ain't Goin' to Goa" 1998 Exile on Coldharbour Lane
"Woke Up This Morning" 1999 La Peste Chosen One Remix
"Woke Up This Morning" 2000 "Sopranos Edit"
"Too Sick to Pray" 2001
"Hello... I'm Johnny Cash" 2006 Outlaw
"Vietnamistan" 2010 Revolver Soul