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Seal of the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries

The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries (AGI) is an independent agency of the government of Alabama. The Department is responsible for serving farmers and consumers of agricultural products.

The Department is under the direction of the Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries. The current and 29th Commissioner is John McMillan, a Republican first elected in November 2010. Commissioner McMillan previously worked for the Alabama Forestry Commission. Among the more recent Commissioners are the following:


The department is under the direction and supervision of a Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries, who is elected statewide. There is no limit to the number of terms a Commissioner may serve, however, no Commissioner may be elected to more than two consecutive four-year terms. The Commissioner is assisted in managing the Department by a Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Staff, two Deputy Commissioners and one Assistant Commissioner.

  • Commissioner of Agriculture and Industries
    • Deputy Commissioner and Chief of Staff
      • Deputy Commissioner
        • Food and Safety Division
          • Food Safety Section
          • Weights and Measures Section
          • Pesticide Management Section
      • Deputy Commissioner
        • Agricultural and Animal Protection Division
          • Animal Industry Section
          • Plant Industry Section
          • Agricultural Promotions Section
          • Agricultural Mediation Section
          • Agricultural Statistics Section
      • Assistant Commissioner
        • Executive Division
          • Accounting Section
          • General Services Section
          • Personnel Section
          • Public Relations Section
          • Agricultural Economics Section
          • Agricultural Homeland Security Section

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