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Percy Sledge performing at the Hall of Fame in March 2010.

The Alabama Music Hall of Fame, first conceived by the Muscle Shoals Music Association in the early 1980s, was created by the Alabama Music Hall of Fame Board, which then saw to its Phase One construction of a 12,500 sq ft (1,160 m2) after a statewide referendum in 1987. It currently stands in the town of Tuscumbia, Alabama.


The Alabama Music Hall of Fame serves to showcase a multitude of different Alabamians who have had a significant impact upon the music industry. From musicians to songwriters, management, and publishing, The Alabama Music Hall of Fame provides several ways of honoring its "achievers," including informative exhibitions, a bronze star on their Walk of Fame, and the achievers' inclusion in the Hall of Fame roster.


Both a second and third phase are being planned as future expansions for the Alabama Music Hall of Fame:

  • The second addition is going to be a 1500-seat "state of the art" audio-video recording auditorium.
  • The third addition is to be a "southern music" research library.


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