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The Alabama Renegades was a women's full-contact American football team based in Huntsville, Alabama.

Team history[edit]

The Renegades were one of the founding teams of the National Women's Football Association (NWFA) back in the fall of 2000. The Renegades and the Nashville Dream played a six game exhibition season to determine the viability of a women's full-contact football league. The exhibition games were a huge success and the league expanded to 12 teams in its first full season of play in the spring of 2001. Ray Quinn was the man who first brought full-contact football to Huntsville, Alabama and he owned the team for two years with Denise DeMonia, General Manager. Nancy Byrd, a Renegades player, kept the football dream alive in 2003 when she took over the team from Quinn. She, along with general manager Lori Campbell, ran the team for the next six years. Nancy continued to play for the Renegades while owning the team.


At the end of the 2008 season, Nancy Byrd decided to retire from playing and owning the Alabama Renegades, and looked to sell the team to a new owner. She was unable to find anyone willing to take on the responsibility of running the Alabama Renegades and decided she would no longer field a football team in the NWFA.

"I decided to retire from playing and no one was willing to take on the responsibility of running this team. I appreciate the opportunity Ray and Catherine Masters (NWFA founder) gave me to play football", stated Byrd.[citation needed]


Season W L T Finish Playoff results
2000 3 3 0 Exhibition Season --
2001 5 3 0 2nd Southern --
2002 7 2 0 1st Central Lost Southern Conference Semifinal (Pensacola)
2003 7 4 0 2nd Southern Central Won Southern Conference Quarterfinal (Asheville)
Lost Southern Conference Semifinal (Pensacola)
2004 6 3 0 2nd Southern Gulf Coast --
2005 5 3 0 7th Southern --
2006 4 4 0 3rd Southern Southeast --
2007 3 5 0 3rd Southern Central --
2008 2 6 0 4th Southern East --
Totals 42 33 0



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