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The Alabama Women's Hall of Fame honors the achievements of women associated with the U.S. state of Alabama. Established in 1970, the first women were inducted the following year. The museum is located in Bean Hall on the campus of Judson College in Marion, Alabama.[1] It became a state agency in 1975 by an act of the Alabama Legislature. The organization is governed by an eleven-member board. They are elected to three-year terms with a minimum of one board member from the fields of art, business, community service, education, law, medicine, politics, religion, and science. In addition to the board, the President of Judson College and Governor of Alabama both serve as voting members.[2]


Name Image Birth–Death Year Area of achievement[3]
Farmer, HallieHallie Farmer (1881–1960) 1971 political scientist, educator, author, prison reformer
Keller, Helen AdamsHelen Adams Keller Helen Keller13.jpg (1880–1968) 1971 deafblind author, political activist, lecturer, scholar
Tutwiler, Julia StrudwickJulia Strudwick Tutwiler JuliaTutwiler.jpg (1841–1916) 1971 author, Alabama Normal College President, prison reformer, author of official state song, Alabama
Harris, Agnes EllenAgnes Ellen Harris (1883–1952) 1972 educator, Dean of Women at Auburn University and University of Alabama
Washington, Margaret MurrayMargaret Murray Washington Margaret James Murray.jpg (1856–1925) 1972 founder of county and industrial schools, Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute Principal, wife of Booker T. Washington
Mitchell, Edwina DonnellyEdwina Donnelly Mitchell (1894–1968) 1973 humanitarian, social services, prison reformer
Wallace, Lurleen BurnsLurleen Burns Wallace (1926–1968) 1973 first female Governor of Alabama
Gibbs, HenriettaHenrietta Gibbs (1879–1960) 1974 social services, youth counselor, leader of American women's causes
Tunstall, Loraine BedsoleLoraine Bedsole Tunstall (1879–1953) 1974 social services, creator of child welfare services, first woman to head a department in the Government of Alabama
Graves, Dixie BibbDixie Bibb Graves SenatorDixieBibbGraves.jpg (1883–1965) 1975 social and political services, first Alabama woman elected to the United States Senate
Owen, Marie BankheadMarie Bankhead Owen Marie Bankhead Owen.jpg (1869–1958) 1975 author, historian, director of the Alabama Department of Archives and History
Berrey, Ruth RobertsonRuth Robertson Berrey (1906–1973) 1976 physician, missionary
Price, Annie LolaAnnie Lola Price (1903–1972) 1976 attorney, first woman to serve on high court of Alabama, Chief of Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals
Gorgas, Amelia GayleAmelia Gayle Gorgas Amelia Gayle Gorgas.jpg (1826–1913) 1977 librarian, nurse, teacher, university counselor
Wilson, Augusta Jane EvansAugusta Jane Evans Wilson Augusta Jane Evans Wilson.jpg (1835–1909) 1977 author, Civil War nurse
Daugette, Annie Rowan ForneyAnnie Rowan Forney Daugette (1876–1974) 1978 author, historian, designed the Seal of Alabama
Jacobs, Patti RuffnerPatti Ruffner Jacobs Patti Ruffner Jacobs.jpg (1875–1939) 1978 political scientist, promoter of women's suffrage
Brooke, MyrtleMyrtle Brooke (1872–1948) 1979 educator, social services, mental health pioneer
Tuggle, Carrie A.Carrie A. Tuggle Carrie Tuggle.jpg (1858–1924) 1979 educator, social services, instigator of Juvenile and Domestic Courts, founder of orphanage for African Americans
Mallory, Kathleen MooreKathleen Moore Mallory (1879–1954) 1980 social services, magazine editor, Woman's Missionary Union executive
Tartt, Ruby PickensRuby Pickens Tartt (1880–1974) 1980 author, folklorist, artist, librarian
Bankhead, TallulahTallulah Bankhead (1903–1968) 1981 actress
Johnston, ElizabethElizabeth Johnston (1851–1934) 1981 founder of Boys Industrial School, social service worker
Moynahan, ChrysostomChrysostom Moynahan (1863–1941) 1982 nun, first Registered Nurse licensed in Alabama, hospital administrator, founded St. Vincent's School of Nursing
Dunn, Loula FriendLoula Friend Dunn (1896–1977) 1982 Alabama's Commissioner of Public Welfare, first female executive director of the American Public Welfare Association
Bilbro, Anne MathildeAnne Mathilde Bilbro (1870–1958) 1983 composer, music teacher, author
Parrish, Clara WeaverClara Weaver Parrish (1861–1925) 1983 artist, author, designer for Tiffany Studios
Warner, Mildred WesterveltMildred Westervelt Warner (1893–1974) 1984 corporate president, conservationist
White-Spunner, KatherineKatherine White-Spunner (1892–1978) 1984 nurse, hospital administrator
Dean, Blanche EvansBlanche Evans Dean (1892–1974) 1985 conservationist, naturalist, author
Vickery, KatherineKatherine Vickery (1898–1978) 1985 educator, psychologist, author, promoter of women's rights
Thomas, Chamintney StovallChamintney Stovall Thomas (1899–1979) 1986 musician, teacher, author
Young, Martha StrudwickMartha Strudwick Young (1862–1941) 1986 folklorist, author, poet
Crosby, Elizabeth CarolineElizabeth Caroline Crosby Elizabeth Caroline Crosby (1888-1983).jpg (1888–1983) 1987 scientist, teacher, author
Warren, LellaLella Warren (1899–1982) 1987 author
Cater, Katherine CooperKatherine Cooper Cater (1914–1980) 1988 Dean of Women and Dean of Student Life at Auburn University
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth PhillipsMary Elizabeth Phillips Thompson (1855–1927) 1988 teacher, Lincoln Normal School Principal
Bristow, GwenGwen Bristow (1903–1980) 1989 author, journalist
Mercer, GenevaGeneva Mercer Geneva Mercer 1911 to 1914 in Cuba.jpg (1889–1984) 1989 artist, sculptor
Kelly, Maud McLureMaud McLure Kelly (1887–1973) 1990 suffragist, genealogist, historian, first woman to practice law in Alabama (admitted to the Bar in 1908), first woman to be admitted to the Bar of the U.S. Supreme Court as a practicing lawyer in the South in 1914, inducted into the Alabama Lawyers Hall of Fame in 2014 [4]
Le Vert, Octavia WaltonOctavia Walton Le Vert Octavia Walton Le Vert.jpg (1811–1877) 1990 socialite, Civil War nurse, author
Praytor, Frances VirginiaFrances Virginia Praytor (1899–1974) 1991 teacher, co-owner of Birmingham's Smith and Hardwick Bookstore
Praytor, Anna LintonAnna Linton Praytor (1914–1989) 1991 teacher, co-owner of Birmingham's Smith and Hardwick Bookstore
Barron, Julia TarrantJulia Tarrant Barron (1805–1890) 1991 helped establish Judson College and Howard College, co-founder of The Alabama Baptist
Fitzgerald, Zelda SayreZelda Sayre Fitzgerald Zelda Fitzgerald portrait.jpg (1900–1948) 1992 author, ballerina, painter, wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Smith, Frances Scott FitzgeraldFrances Scott Fitzgerald Smith (1921–1986) 1992 writer, political activist, arts patron
Bellingrath, Bessie MorseBessie Morse Bellingrath (1878–1943) 1992 developer of Bellingrath Gardens
Mathis, Ida Elizabeth BrandonIda Elizabeth Brandon Mathis (1857–1925) 1993 agricultural practices reformer
Waite, Mary George JordanMary George Jordan Waite (1917–1990) 1993 first woman elected president of a state banking association, extensively involved with Alabama Girls State
Bender, Doris MarieDoris Marie Bender (1911–1991) 1994 social worker
Howell, LotticeLottice Howell (1897–1982) 1994 singer
Bashinsky, Elizabeth BurfordElizabeth Burford Bashinsky (1867–1968) 1995–96 civic leader
Lindsay, Maude McKnightMaude McKnight Lindsay (1874–1941) 1995–96 author, established the state's first free kindergarten in 1898
Wilkins, Hattie HookerHattie Hooker Wilkins (1875–1949) 1997 promoter of woman's suffrage, first woman elected to the Alabama Legislature
Spidle, Marion WalkerMarion Walker Spidle (1887–1983) 1997 educator, university administrator, community leader
Crawford, Martha FosterMartha Foster Crawford Martha Foster Crawford.jpg (1830–1909) 1998 first foreign missionary of the Southern Baptist Convention, she and her spouse spent over fifty years in China as missionaries
Weeden, Maria HowardMaria Howard Weeden (1846–1905) 1998 artist, author
Booth, Margaret H.Margaret H. Booth (1880–1953) 1999 educator, became principal of Demopolis High School in 1900, founded Demopolis Public Library, lecturer
Hopkins, Juliet OpieJuliet Opie Hopkins Juliet Opie Hopkins.jpg (1818–1890) 1999 Civil War nurse
Bateman, Florence GolsonFlorence Golson Bateman (1891–1987) 2000 songwriter, singer
Fearing, MariaMaria Fearing Maria Fearing.jpg (1838–1937) 2000 educator, missionary, established the Pantops Home for Girls in Luebo, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Moffett, Ida VinesIda Vines Moffett (1905–1996) 2001 nurse for more than 70 years
Pool, Sibyl MurphreeSibyl Murphree Pool (1901–1973) 2001 first woman elected to a statewide office, second woman elected to the Alabama Legislature
Childs, Idella JonesIdella Jones Childs (1903–1998) 2002 civil rights advocate
Katz, Jane LobmanJane Lobman Katz (1931–1986) 2002 advocate for state government reform, equal rights advocate
Branscomb, LouiseLouise Branscomb (1901–1999) 2003 pioneer female physician, human rights advocate
Walcott, Bess BoldenBess Bolden Walcott (1886–1988) 2003 librarian, teacher, author, first African American woman to serve as an Red Cross Acting Field Director
Crews, Nancy BatsonNancy Batson Crews (1920–2001) 2004 aviator, one of twenty-eight professional women pilots accepted for the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron during World War II
Gerhardt, RosaRosa Gerhardt (1898–1975) 2004 first woman president of a bar association in the state
Hall, VeraVera Hall (1902–1964) 2005 blues and folk singer
Morgan, Juliette HamptonJuliette Hampton Morgan (1914–1957) 2005 librarian, author, civil rights activist
Durr, Virginia FosterVirginia Foster Durr (1903–1999) 2006 civil rights activist
Weatherly, Mary Celesta JohnsonMary Celesta Johnson Weatherly (1890–1976) 2006 Mother of the Year in 1962 for the state and nation
McKee, FranFran McKee RAdm Fran McKee USN.jpg (1926–2002) 2007 first woman line officer to hold the rank of Rear Admiral in the United States Navy
Myers, Martha CrystalMartha Crystal Myers (1945–2002) 2007 physician, missionary
Parks, Rosa McCauleyRosa McCauley Parks Rosaparks.jpg (1913–2005) 2008 civil rights activist
King, Coretta ScottCoretta Scott King Coretta scott king cropped.jpg (1927–2006) 2009 author, human rights activist, civil rights activist
Burks, Mary IvyMary Ivy Burks (1920–2007) 2010 environmental activist, conservationist, co-founder of the Alabama Conservancy
Smith, Margaret CharlesMargaret Charles Smith (1906–2004) 2010 noted African American midwife
Anderson, Evelyn DanielEvelyn Daniel Anderson (1926–1998) 2011 educator, community volunteer, advocate for the disabled
Stovall, Ada RuthAda Ruth Stovall (1913–2008) 2011 first woman appointed Assistant State Director of Vocational Education for the Alabama Department of Education
Miglionico, NinaNina Miglionico (1913–2009) 2012 first female member of the Birmingham City Council[5]
Roberts, Frances C.Frances C. Roberts 2013 Chaired the History Department at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and directed their Academic Advisement and Information Center[6]
Gore, Hazel MansellHazel Mansell Gore (−2001) 2014 Australian physician who taught at the University of Alabama in Birmingham[7]
Windham, Kathryn TuckerKathryn Tucker Windham (1918–2011) 2015 American storyteller, author, photographer, and journalist who was born in Selma and grew up in Thomasville.


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