Alabamy Bound

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This article is about the 1925 vaudeville song. For the song also called Alabamy Bound, see I'm Alabama Bound.
"Alabamy Bound"
Published 1924
Form Popular music
Composer Ray Henderson
Lyricist Buddy DeSylva/Bud Green
Language English
Performed by Al Jolson

"Alabamy Bound" is a Tin Pan Alley tune written in 1924, with music by Ray Henderson and words by Buddy DeSylva and Bud Green. Written for the vaudeville stage it was made famous by Al Jolson. "Alabamy Bound" opens with:

I'm Alabamy bound
I'm Alabamy bound
They'll be no heebie-jeebies hanging 'round
Just gave the meanest ticket man on earth
All I'm worth to put my tootsies in an upper berth
Just hear the choo-choo sound
I know that soon we're gonna cover ground
And then I'll holler so the world will know
Here I go, (repeat)


I can hear that choo-choo whistle blow,

Watch that engine when we start to go!

Now we're in Baltimore, Knockin' at Dixie's door!

What's that Bill? Louisville! We passed that before!

Field o' cotton, tell me where I am, Hear that fella yellin', "Alabam!"

Mammy! Mammy! Get your kisses ready for your honey lamb!

Verse 2:

I'm Alabamy bound,

There'll be no heebie jeebies hangin' round.

Just gave the meanest ticket man on earth All I'm worth,To put my tootsies in an upper berth. I'm just a lucky lucky hound To have someone to put my arms around! That's why I'm shoutin' for the world to know, Here I go! I'm Alabamy bound!

Early recordings[edit]

Date Artist Label
1924 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra Victor 19557-A
1925 Isham Jones & His Orchestra Brunswick 2789B
1925 Bailey's Lucky Seven Gennett 5648A
1925 Sara Martin OKeh 8262A
1925 Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra Regal 9789-A (also for Domino, Banner, and Ajax)

This song also can be found as the first track on Side 1 of the Longines Symphonette Society proudly presents Roaring 20's Ragtime (SYS 5047). I don't know what year this record was put out.