Alaca Imaret Mosque

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Alaca Imaret Mosque
Αλατζά Ιμαρέτ
Thessaloniki (10).JPG
Basic information
Location Greece Thessaloniki, Greece
Affiliation Islam
District Thessaloniki
Province Thessaloniki
Region Macedonia
Architectural description
Architectural type Mosque
Architectural style Islamic, Ottoman architecture
Completed 1484 or 1487
Minaret(s) 1, now destroyed
Materials stone and brick

Alaca Imaret Mosque or Ishak Pasha Mosque (Greek: Αλατζά Ιμαρέτ) is a 15th-century Ottoman Mosque in Thessaloniki, Greece.[1]


It was built by order of Ishak Pasha in 1484 or 1487.[1] It consists of a mosque with an imaret (public charity kitchen). The mosque and imaret are not in use anymore. The mosque has a reverse T plan common to early Ottoman architecture, the prayer hall is covered by two large domes, it has a portico covered by five smaller domes. It had one minaret, which was destroyed after 1912, after Thessaloniki was liberated by the Greek Army and became part of the modern Greek state. It is under restoration till now.


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  • Picture of the building from above. [1]

Coordinates: 40°38′21″N 22°56′59″E / 40.63917°N 22.94972°E / 40.63917; 22.94972