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Industry Business Research
Founded 1996[1]
Headquarters New York[2], United States
Key people
Steven Goldstein[3]
Products Alacra Book, Alacra Connections, Alacra Current Awareness, Alacra On Demand, Alacra Portals, Alacra Premium, Alacra Pulse, Alacra Store, Alacra Compliance Enterprise, Monitoring, Screening & Alerting, Alacra Authority File, Alacra Legal Entity Directory, Alacra Concordance[4]

Alacra, Inc. is a privately owned company that provides information and workflow tools to financial institutions, corporations, and professional services firms.

The company was originally founded as Data Downlink Corporation in 1996 by Steven Goldstein and Michael Angle, and was renamed Alacra, Inc. in June 2001. It is headquartered in New York with an office in London.[5]

Alacra received praise for going outside traditional media outlets and creating a "data feed produced by monitoring a group of financial commentators that includes bloggers."[6]


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