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Aladdin's Castle is one of several amusement arcade brands used by Namco Cybertainment.


The shopping-mall arcade chain that became Aladdin’s Castle began as American Amusements, Incorporated, in the early 1970s. It was purchased and renamed Aladdin’s Castle by Bally Manufacturing Corporation in 1974. Over the next several years, the number of store locations grew from 20 in 1974, to 221 in 1980, to 360 when the chain was spun off in 1989.[1]

Namco Limited purchased Aladdin's Castle, Inc, in 1993, merging it with Namco Operations to create Namco Cybertainment (NCI), becoming the largest arcade operator in the world.

Aladdin's Castle Today[edit]

The Aladdin's Castle brand exists today as part of Namco Cybertainment's intellectual property, but most of the locations have closed.

Other information[edit]

Aladdin's Castle, Inc incorporated several different tokens, a sultan and palace, "Aladdin's Castle" engraved, and lamp motif. Most of these tokens vary in value, depending on the collector.

Aladdin's Castle is mentioned in Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


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