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Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek
Aladdin zeetv.jpg
A promotinal logo image of "Aladdin."
Created by Applause Entertainment
Directed by Nikhil Sinha
Starring see below
Opening theme "Aladdin" by Akash Sagar
Country of origin India
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes Total 183
Editor(s) Shums Mirza & Meenakshi Sagar
Running time Approx. 24 minutes
Original network Zee TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV),
Original release 16 November 2007 – 21 March 2009
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Aladdin - Jaanbaaz Ek Jalwe Anek is an Indian Hindi-language television series that was aired on Zee TV between 16 November 2007 and 21 March 2009, based on the story of Aladdin, a character from The Arabian Nights.[1] The series was produced by Applause Entertainment, a television production company owned by the Aditya Birla Group Corporation.

The series is developed as a family entertainer, and contains computer generated graphics - a thing seldom seen in an Indian TV series. Besides, the series' transcript is in Tamil, Hindi and Urdu languages.


The main story is parallel to the famous storyline of Aladdin known all over the world. The plot revolves around a young carefree 15-year-old boy, Aladdin who faces many obstacles because he is an orphan. Above all, he is tortured by his own aunt and uncle, who treats him like their servant. Throughout the story an evil magician named Jafar tries to acquire a magic lamp which has been buried in an unknown cave of wonders. But he is unable to lay his hands on the lamp, because the only person that can possess the lamp is the son of the magicians Zoya and Zahir, whom Jafar has killed. The special one who can get the lamp has to have a soul as pure as an uncut diamond and this is the son of Zoya and Zahir...the special person is Aladdin!

In addition, Aladdin falls in love with Jasmin, princess daughter of Sultan of Zarniabad, who also helps him along with her companion Noorie and Aladdin's friend Junaid to acquire the lamp, so they can defeat the evil Jafar.


The story is about the adventures of a boy called Aladdin.

The first journey is when he goes to get a magic oil lamp in the Bhujurman caves of depths, for his evil uncle (jadugar Jafer). Aladdin rubs the lamp, once he finds it, and out comes the blue genie. They become friends and leave the cave.

After his genie defeats an evil spirit, he tells Aladdin that Jafar has captured his parents' souls in a volcano and that the volcano is about erupt. His parents souls will then be destroyed. He sets off for his second journey where he battles lots of villains, including Rezan. Rezan is a very strong foe who never accepts defeat, but Aladdin can defeat him. When he rescues his parents'souls he finally he defeats him . They capture Jafar into a magic mirror and sends it to space so that it cannot be found. Next, he finds out that Jasmine i being forced to marry a rakshas and then he defeats sazeda Kallish who falls for Jasmine and defeats him finally he goes to the palace to marry princess Jasmine but her evil father, the Sultan has a problem and tells Alladin to go and solve a riddle and bring the actual thing so he sets out for his third journey. He goes to a town and the princess who can solve the riddle is kidnapped for 5 years so he goes to save her while Genue goes and defeats a very evil, strong genue. Alladin while saving her nearly loses his life by an evil magician but his Genue comes quickly and kills the magician after he comes back the sultan is surprised because who ever goes and trie to find out they die but he didn't. So then the sultan tells Alladin how poor he is and how he will keep his daughter happy so Aladdin is upset then a future teller tells him if you go to Zindaan and spread love he will be awarded the worlds riches of the riches so he goes and before he made enemies with Jawala which makes his journey a hell by telling the king of Zindaan. After they spread love in Zindaan and defeat Jawala they go back and then the Sultaan is ready to marry them (That is Alladins fourth journey), before the marriage Jawala is on her broomstick with a sword and is aiming for Jasmine Genu sees all this and chases Jawala up in to space where her house is, Genue goes into his big form and picks her house and chucks it and the house goes crashing into the magical mirror where Jafer is and Jawala dies and Jafer escapes, Jawala made a promise with Jafar before that she will release him and he will make her the most powerful witch on earth. Jasmine and Alladin are getting married and its time for Genu to go back into the lamp so he does and Jafar comes to the palace and is successful to steal the lamp and in the forest he reveals himself as Jafar to Aladdin and he is shocked and he says Jawala is the reason he is released and she is dead in the accident that caused his escaped. Now Aladdin is collecting weapons to kill Jafar and now he is setting of to save Jasmine and Genu because Jafer has both of them. But on the day he goes to save them, Genu ties to kill Aladdin, and running away from him Alladin falls into a tunnel. in the last episode Genu get the head of his brother and marries dilbara. Everything is alright then


  • Mandar Jadhav ... Aladdin
  • Nazea Sayed ...Princess Jasmine
  • Puneetchandra Sharrma ... Sultan
  • Praveen Hingonia ... Junaid
  • Ranvijay Razdan ... Jafar
  • Arjun Dutt ... Genu
  • Khushbu Pandya ... Noori
  • Namrata Prasad ... Naaz
  • Ankit shah as Sahil.
  • ... Rehzan
  • ... Jawala
  • karan Shehzada Zullen


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