Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga

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Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga
Also known asAladdin
GenreFantasy, Romance, Comedy, Adventure
Created by
  • Man Singh Manku
  • Kushal Awasthi
Based onDisney's Aladdin (1994-1995)
Written by
  • Shakti Sagar Chopra
  • Lakshmi Jayakumar
Screenplay byAanchal Aggarwal Vasani
Directed by
  • Maan Singh Manku
  • Aseem Srivastava
  • Khalid Anwar
Creative director(s)
  • Pooja Hingorani
  • Sreejesh Krishnan
Theme music composerSouvyk Chakraborty
Opening theme"Aladdin" By Souvyk Chakraborty
Composer(s)Souvyk Chakraborty
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes226
Executive producer(s)Vikas Seth
  • Nissar Parvez
  • Alind Srivastava
  • Hitesh Thakkar
Production location(s)Mumbai
  • Nidhin Valanday
  • Vignesh Kamble
  • Ganga Kacharla
  • Ankush A. Ambre
Camera setupMultiple camera
Running time23 minutes
Production company(s)Peninsula Pictures Private Limited
DistributorSony Pictures Networks
Original networkSony SAB
Picture format
Original release21 August 2018 (2018-08-21) –
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Aladdin - Naam Toh Suna Hoga (transl. Aladdin - You must have heard the name) is an Indian fantasy television series that airs on Sony SAB. It premiered on 21 August 2018 and stars Siddharth Nigam and Avneet Kaur in the lead roles of Aladdin and Princess Yasmine respectively.[1][2][3]


Season 1[edit]

The story starts with Mallika, a powerful and evil enchantress who plans to take over the world. Her plans are foiled by her happy-go-lucky, innocent and good-hearted servant Hassan who tricks her by turning her into a statue. Before completely turning into stone, she transforms Hassan into a Genie and traps him in a lamp not to be found until 500 years only by someone who is of Hassan's family's descendant and she promises to return around the same time.

500 years later a boy named Aladdin is born in Baghdad who is the true owner of the lamp but is unaware of this. He is a kind-hearted, selfless young man who always tries to make everyone happy. He is also Baghdad’s notorious Black Thief who many have tried to capture but have failed. He becomes the Black Thief on the insistence of his greedy aunt Nazneen, uncle Mustafa and narcissist cousin, Gulbadan. Aladdin and his mother Rukhsar are deeply in debt and constantly taunted as Rukhsar’s husband Omar was accused of being a traitor and was arrested by the royal guards. Rukhsar, however, does not believe this.

Aladdin developed a crush on Baghdad’s Shehzadi (Princess) Yasmine in childhood and hasn’t stopped liking her since, even though he hasn’t seen her. . Yasmine is a beautiful and self-determined young lady who aspires to become Baghdad’s Sultana (Queen) someday. She is quite independent and kind-hearted. Piddhi is Yasmine’s handmaiden and best friend with whom she shares everything. Piddhi is a sweet and innocent girl who often gives Yasmine good advice and comforts her when she is upset. Zafar, the manipulative Grand Vizier of Baghdad plans to kill the Sultan and marry Yasmine to take over the throne of Baghdad by retrieving the magical lamp. He decides to seek help of the Black Thief aka Aladdin.

Yasmine leaves the palace mimicking the Black Thief to solve the mystery of a missing diamond where she meets Aladdin for the first time. Aladdin is unaware of the fact that Princess Yasmine is standing in front of him and accuses her of dressing up as the ‘Fake Black Thief’. Because of this misunderstanding, Aladdin and Yasmine develop a mutual disliking for each other. Yasmine leaves after noticing that the diamond is fake.

Zafar orders Aladdin to retrieve the lamp from a deep desert offering him ten thousand gold coins in exchange for the magical lamp to which Aladdin agrees. Yasmine who is requested by a courtier to look in the matters of his family heirloom reaches to another courtier's stables and gets a Black Book where all of the illegal activities in Baghdad are recorded. Over there she once again meets Aladdin and their bags get switched. They both get into an argument thinking that the other one stole the bags and encounter a village under control of dark magic. The village is cursed the people there use black magic on Yasmine. Aladdin saves her and lifts the curse on the people there and he and Yasmine part ways their relationship little bit better.

After overcoming many challenges in the desert, Aladdin meets the protector of the lamp who is none other than his father Omar but both of them are unaware of this fact. In order to get the lamp, Aladdin has to prove himself worthy of it. Omar took this test on Aladdin and realizes Aladdin is good at heart and takes him to the cave where Aladdin uses his smartness to get the lamp but is unable to escape, as a gold coin accidentally stuck inside his dress which he was unaware of it. So the cave locked him inside thinking that his intentions are bad and he only craves for the treasures.

Trapped in the cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp when he couldn't see something written on it and frees Hassan who is now a Genie. Aladdin leaves the cave and has been thinking to hand over the lamp to Zafar for gold coins until Omar gives Aladdin the responsibility to take care of the Genie. Aladdin becomes the master of the Genie and they return to Baghdad where Aladdin introduces Genie as Sheikh Ginu. Omar decides to seek revenge from the people who framed him as he has completed his duty of being the protector of the cave. He also believes that the person who framed him and killed Rukhsar is none other than the Badshah unaware that it was actually Zafar.

Badshah Shahnawaz and Mallika Begum Mehrunisa return from their voyage to India. Yasmine finds out that a gang is involved in illegal activities in Baghdad. She is unaware that the leader of the gang, Muchhad (The bearded man) is actually Zafar. She leaves to infiltrate the Gang’s camp but clashes with Aladdin and their bags get exchanged again. When she reaches the hideout, Aladdin comes for his bag. Both get into an argument and are caught by Muchhad’s men and guards.

When Yasmine accidentally hurts Aladdin, she tries to soothe the pain while Aladdin is left staring at her. They manage to briefly escape but Yasmine eats poisonous berries and faints. Aladdin carries her and when he stops to rest, he gets trapped in a cage which Zafar had set up and he set fire there. Ginu saves them from the fire and creates a magic carpet on which they escape. Aladdin gives Yasmine a potion to drink to wake her, which she does for a brief moment before falling asleep again. She and Aladdin have a moment during this time.

Aladdin attempts to give the lamp to Zafar but cannot do so as he and Rukhsar have now developed a strong bond with Ginu. Aladdin also realizes that Mucchad is the leader of the gang and tricked him into retrieving the lamp. Yasmine informs her father about the Gang by showing him the Black Book. Seeing her hard work and dedication, he decides to crown her the Sultana of Baghdad soon. To celebrate, Yasmine and Piddhi go to a friend’s house for a feast where Aladdin and Ginu are present as well. Aladdin and Yasmine clash once again and start arguing though Ginu sees love blossoming between them. After eating Ginu’s magic sweets, they get hypnotized and share a romantic dance with each other.

When frustrated Zafar went through the forest, he found a local drama artist who is a lookalike of the King. Zafar hires this look-alike of the Badshah named Jhumman to temporarily take the Sultan’s place in the palace. Meanwhile, Omar kidnaps the real Badshah and locks him in an isolated place somewhere within Baghdad far from the palace. The next day in court by the orders of Zafar, Jhumman in the disguise of the Badshah declares that Yasmine will not become Sultana and instead marry Shehzada Zain of Marrakesh who secretly has the power to hypnotize people.

Zafar orders Zain to hypnotize Yasmine to make her fall in love with him. Zain takes Yasmine to the Royal Garden in an attempt to hypnotize and capture her under his control. Once under his control, Zain asks Yasmine to fetch a black rose from the garden so that she can fall for Zafar by smelling it. Fortunately, Aladdin arrives in time to save her and is instantly smitten by her striking appearance. Yasmine falls unconscious after smelling the rose and Aladdin realizes he cares for her and doesn’t want to lose her. Zain also manages to control Ginu and makes him attack Aladdin by making him small.

Aladdin attempts to break the medallion and manages to crack it but Zain starts pulling it towards him with magic. Defeating Zain, Aladdin finally manages to escape with Ginu and Yasmine and decides to keep her in his house in order to protect her from Zain and any evil magic. There with the help of Ginu, Yasmine exposes Nazneen who had framed Aladdin into stealing Rukhsar’s gold bangles. Rukhsar hears all of this and forgives Aladdin who has now started warming up toward Yasmine. Rukhsar notices Aladdin and Yasmine's exchange and wonders who is she to which Ginu answers that she is Aladdin's 'lovely troublemaker' friend. Later Ginu and Rukhsar tease Aladdin about Yasmine.

Aliza who is a sorceress of Marrakesh punishes Zain by turning him into a Khatuba, a magical poisonous scorpion and orders him to go bite Aladdin. Khatuba fails to bite Aladdin and bites Rukhsar instead. Aliza kills Zain because he couldn't fulfill her demand. She appears before Zafar and decides to use Rukhsar to get Aladdin.

Meanwhile, the real Badshah who is captured by Omar, regains his senses and manages to escape and appears before Yasmine while she was visiting her people but got caught again. Later, Yasmine begins to suspect the weird behavior of her fake father when Piddhi informs her that he stole the ring Yasmine’s maternal grandmother had gifted her on her birthday. Yasmine cleverly finds out the truth by pulling Jhumman’s fake beard off.

Zafar and Aliza disguise themselves as holy saints and attempt to find out who was bitten by Khatuba. Rukhsar’s health starts getting worse and she starts losing her memory. She doesn't recognize Nazneen, Mustafa and Gulbadan. Also, there has been a duel competition held to hire a new guard recruit for the palace in which Aladdin participates as he deeply wishes to meet Shehzadi Yasmine and the Badshah. He was almost going to win the match but he ran towards Rukhsar because she has been feeling dizzy. Much to his dismay, Nazneen and Mustafa was the one who stole his magical armor given to him by Ginu. They give it to Gulbadan and he wins the duel.

Aladdin and Ginu take Rukhsar home. Rukhsar has no memory of Aladdin being her son anymore and she refuses to Aladdin to call her mother. Ginu sees the Khatuba’s bite mark on her neck and remembers Mallika using it. He informs Aladdin of a magical library where he can find the cure for the poison. Ginu immediately went there and Aladdin went to market. At the same time, Yasmine dons her fake black thief outfit and sets out to find her father after finding Jumman's truth. She is chased by guards in the market place where Aladdin saves her in time.

Aladdin notices the worry on her face and asks her about it and Yasmine tells him that her father is missing. He tells her that they are in the same boat as his mother Rukhsar is also sick. At the library, Ginu finds the right book and figures that Ilmi Baba in the Mehran Cave has the answer to every question in the world. He could also have a cure for his mother and he goes to Aladdin who is thrilled on hearing this. Yasmine also insists on coming along to find the location of her father.

Aladdin takes out his magic carpet and Yasmine is shocked to see it floating in the air. Unaware of the fact that she has already flown on the carpet, she and Aladdin set off on a trip using the flying carpet where they get close to each other. Meanwhile, Ginu reaches home to take care of Rukhsar but sleepy Ginu went inside the lamp because her mother sang lullaby. A storm caused by Aliza hits Aladdin and Yasmine and they had to land the magic carpet. Nearby, they have met a suspicious old woman who offers them shelter.

They reluctantly went in before the old woman who was Aliza in disguise pushed them into a big magical mirror and captured the lamp. Aladdin and Yasmine reach to the mirror world where they have to jump into the right mirror in order to get back to their world. After some wrong choices, they chose the right mirror and reached Mehran cave where Ilmi Baba has been meditating.

Aladdin and Yasmine meet Ilmi Baba but have to defeat him in a duel in exchange for the answers they need. They manage to defeat him and he gave Aladdin the medicine and Yasmine the location of where her father is. Aladdin and Yasmine thank each other and part ways to fulfill what they had come for. Ilmi Baba sends Aladdin to some magical place where to his shock, Aliza has taken control of the lamp and Ginu. After fighting Aliza, Aladdin is severely injured and a furious Ginu destroys Aliza. Ginu takes Aladdin back to his mother and cures her. Their neighbors arrive to warn them to leave, accusing them to use black magic under Nazneen’s orders because Aliza caused a storm in their home before. Aladdin promises Nazneen that he will meet the Sultan to prove his father is innocent and won’t leave the neighborhood.

Yasmine reunites with her father who announced to the court that she will be the Sultana of Baghdad after him. To fulfill her duties and father’s dreams, Yasmine makes arrangements for the excavation of oil from the oil lake. Meanwhile, Aladdin after being blackmailed by his aunt and uncle to steal a precious crown escapes from Omar who attempts to kill him because he met Zafar who tells him that not only the Badshah but Black Thief is also responsible for his misery. At the palace, Yasmine keeps on talking about Aladdin and Piddhi teases her for it. She decides to go thank Aladdin for his help. She meets him after he escapes Omar and thanks him. They are both sad to know that they won’t be meeting anymore as they both have other work to do. They reluctantly part ways.

When news travels in Baghdad that the ones working in a oil excavation will get a job in the palace, Aladdin decides to work there to prove his father is innocent and also win the heart of Shahzadi Yasmine. Zafar makes a plan to massacre the workers, the same way he had done 20 years ago. An undercover Yasmine visits the cave to keep a close eye on the work going on and spends time with Rukhsar, Aladdin & Ginu. Aladdin and Yasmine are shocked to see each other and share some warm moments where he finally reveals his real name to her but as she can't tell him she is the Shehzadi Yasmine of Baghdad, she says that her name is Sana.

Meanwhile, Zafar detonates several toy-like bombs in the excavation, after Aladdin finds the oil lake. While the bombs detonate, Aladdin manages to save everyone including Yasmine. Ginu creates rain to extinguish the flames of the bombs. Aladdin and Yasmine hug each other and get close to each other. When all seems fine, Aladdin tells Yasmine that he’s in love with Shehzadi Yasmine. Hearing this, Yasmine gets disappointed as she thinks like everyone else, Aladdin only likes the Shehzadi for her status and wealth and not for who she really is as a person as Aladdin has never even seen her before.

Because of this, Yasmine writes a red letter for Aladdin which states that he cannot work in the palace but will work for Baghdad overseas. Both to her disappointment and happiness, Aladdin gets the palace job after his letter is switched with someone else’s. Aladdin tells her that he got the post at the royal kitchen with Ginu and Gulbadan and is surprised to see Yasmine at the palace wearing such expensive clothes. Yasmine lies by telling him that she also works there for Shehzadi Yasmine. Aladdin is introduced to Nusrat Appa, who is stunned to see Yasmine at the kitchen with Aladdin and warns her to never meet him again in exchange for his job. Nusrat feels love blossoming between the two and is reminded of herself and her past. She hates love and in anger, Nusrat throws him out of the palace but finds out the real motive behind Aladdin working at the palace. Upon hearing Omar’s name, Nusrat tells him about Mir Mustafa, an old friend of Omar.

Yasmine who has been warned by Nusrat continues to meet Aladdin and help him out in various ways. Nusrat gives her an ultimatum now but is still not successful in stopping Yasmine meeting Aladdin. Aladdin and Yasmine search clues about Mir Mustafa's disappearance. Together they find a trap-cave and Aladdin finds a holy necklace which belonged to Mir Mustafa. Ginu and Aladdin start investigating about the necklace and are stunned to see Nusrat’s name engraved onto it.

Nusrat reveals that she and Mir were about to get married just before he disappeared. It is revealed that Mir is alive and is hiding a key from Zafar who has captured him and held him as a prisoner. After finding more details about his location, Aladdin and Jinu set off to find him. Zafar stabs Mir in the back with a deadly knife and leaves him to die. Aladdin and Jinu find and take Mir to Nusrat where the two briefly unite and Mir gives them a key of a secret room in their old house. Unfortunately, Mir dies, and Nusrat mourns. Yasmine learns from her of Aladdin's goal to foil Mucchad's plans and decides to help him.

Aladdin goes to his old house to find the secret that Mir wanted to desperately tell him about. Finding out about this, Zafar follows him in the disguise of an old man. Aladdin, as the Black Thief, with the help of the key, finds a magical book which tells him about the Evil Genie of The Ring, who is the strongest and most evil Genie one created by Mallika. Aladdin and Zafar get into a fight where he falls off from a height, and the book is retrieved by Zafar. Yasmine and Ginu save Aladdin and Yasmine out of her concern for Aladdin immediately hugs him. Zafar gets to know from the book that the Genie of Ring will be found in Egypt and that he has to sacrifice 15 people.

Zafar organizes a competition to select the 15 members. Aladdin is in the squad and aims to reveal the identity of Muchhad to everyone. In Egypt, a riddle is asked, which Zafar is unable to solve. And so, a big rock is thrown onto the squad, but Aladdin stops it. Later, Aladdin fights soldier but stops to get one more chance to answer the riddle. He gets it right, and the attacks stop, allowing entry. Meanwhile, Rukhsar sings a lullaby to make Gulbadan fall sleep causing the same to happen with Ginu and he disappears back into the lamp.

Omar disguises himself as an old man who came to stay at Rukhsar's house under rent with his son in order to get revenge from Nazneen & Mustafa for causing harm to Rukhsar and stop them from throwing her out of her house. Omar exposes the wicked ones, but Rukhsar stands for them against all. Meanwhile, in a fire in the camps in Egypt, people run for help, where Muchhad misleads them to the place where the giant monster will eat them.

Aladdin poses as Black Thief and runs to help them. The monster attacks, but Aladdin asks Muchhad for the key to free them. But Muchhad in turn, asks for the Ring with the Evil Genie. Aladdin gives him fake ring and saves the people from being eaten by the monster. Yasmine succeeds in slaying the monster. When everyone runs out of the Pyramid but Aladdin remains trapped inside and manages to get out at the last moment. Yasmine is relieved to see him safe and sound and immediately hugs him, which makes Zafar question their relationship. Aladdin is shocked to find out that Mucchad had switched the rings. Mucchad is delighted that he managed to fool Aladdin and frees the Genie who is over-confident and a sadist.

Aladdin returns home dejected and frees Ginu from the lamp, but is worried inside about what Muchhad and The Evil Genie will do to his mother, Baghdad, and his innocent Ginu. He reveals the truth to Ginu and gives him an amulet to wear brought by Rukhsar from a holy dargah. The Evil Genie is tasked by Zafar to find Ginu and sends a bewitched kite to locate him but the latter is protected by the amulet. The kite falls down and is taken by Gulbadan in order to impress a girl but he gets electrocuted instead. Aladdin decides that hiding is not an option and decides to lure the Evil Genie and capture him. Ginu suggests they make Chilli Halwa which is irresistible to all Genies. They prepare it and use some of it to save Gulbadan. Taking the rest they go to an abandoned site but Aladdin is confronted by Omar at the same time the Evil Genie attacks Ginu.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Yasmine’s paternal cousin Shehzadi Meher of Yemen visits her who is a very arrogant and haughty princess. Meher doesn’t care about anyone below her status, unlike Yasmine who is kind, intelligent and doesn’t differentiate between people based on brith or status. Yasmine who is tired of Aladdin's devotion for Princess Yasmine to whom, according to her, he has never met. She is under the misunderstanding that Aladdin loves her (Princess Yasmine) because of her status and wealth, not for the person she really is. When she sees Meher be cruel towards a servant, she decides to introduce her to Aladdin as Princess Yasmine.

She thinks that after seeing her bad side Aladdin will stop loving her but her plan backfires as Aladdin sees Meher before Yasmine introduces her. He mistakes Meher for Yasmine and is instantly smitten by her. Meher challenges him to come into her room and if he can’t he will be arrested. Aladdin agrees and is successful in sneaking into Meher’s room. Yasmine learns of this but is heartbroken when she sees Meher warming up towards Aladdin. She starts feeling very jealous of Meher as Aladdin is getting close to her but is unaware why she is feeling that way.

Meanwhile, Aladdin and Ginu manage to trap the Evil Genie but he escapes and hypnotizes Mustafa to obey his commands. He enters Aladdin’s house and starts asking about him as he has a doubt that his attacker lives in Aladdin’s house. But, as he turns to see Jinu, Zafar calls him back and Jinn e Anguthi instantly has to go. And meanwhile, Aladdin and Jinu both pose as Kala Chor to distract the guards and Aladdin meets Shehzadi Meher(whom he thinks is Yasmine).

He impresses her, while Yasmine watches this and gets jealous and disappointed. Yasmine manipulates Meher into arresting Aladdin to make him hate the Princess. Soon Jinn-e-Anguthi and Jinu meet, who are revealed to be brothers. The Evil Genie captures Aladdin and Jinu has to do something to save his righteous and kind master, and so-called brother Aladdin. And he does so, going past the relation between him and Jinn e Anguthi as brothers. He saves Aladdin and defeats Jinn E Anguthi by his strong words and magical powers which worked this time.

Jinn e Anguthi gets criticism from his master, Zafar, and decides to take revenge. Meanwhile, Meher keeps thinking about Aladdin which angers Yasmine. Ginu decides to leave Baghdad to avoid the danger of Jinn-e-Anguthi on Baghdad. Aladdin starts looking for him but is arrested and he is surprised to know that the Princess did this. Meher meets Aladdin but instead of punishing him, she asks him to give her a tour of Baghdad as a normal person not a Princess. Aladdin agrees which makes Yasmine feel very sad as her plan is backfiring.

Omar finds Ginu and meets Aladdin and they go home where Rukhsar is relived to see Aladdin out jail. She thinks all genies are bad as rumors are flying that a Ginn is terrorizing Baghdad. Aladdin meets Meher and takes her to the bazaar where Yasmine follows them at a safe distance. She is very jealous when Aladdin gifts Meher bangles and feeds her himself. Suddenly, the Evil Ginn unleashes Zehral who attacks the market. Meher returns to the palace and Aladdin meets Yasmine who is helping people escape. Suddenly Zehral vanishes and Yasmine wonders how he is here when she slayed it a few days back.

Aladdin decides not to tell her about the Evil Ginn as this would endanger her life as well. Aladdin and Omar motivate Ginu to fight the Evil Ginn. Their attempts are not successful as Ginu is unable to concentrate and control his powers. Omar gets angry and criticizes Ginu, whereas Aladdin calms them all down. In the streets, the Evil Jinn takes control of a man and goes to attack Rukhsar. Omar comes in between, saving Rukhsar. Omar fights up the man with a veil to cover his mouth, and the man reveals that there is a danger of genies in Baghdad. Later, when the trio practice to unleash Ginu's more powers, they are successful, and Omar is proud at him.

Later in the day, a storm comes and damages much of people and their belongings. They use different tactics to fool the Jinn in not harming them. Then, when the Jinn possesses Nazneen, he tells everyone that there is one more Genie here. Because of this, Rukhsar starts hating all genies much to Ginu’s disappointment. She and other people in the neighborhood came up with an idea to stop the evil Jinn.

Aladdin starts to get worried about this and decides to team up with Yasmine to find a solution. He goes to the palace to look for her but Meher has a misunderstanding that he is looking for her. Meher meets Aladdin but when Aladdin talks to her about the problem in Baghdad she is not worried at all and instead starts flirting with him. When Aladdin is left speechless, Yasmine leaves in anger as she thinks Aladdin has no interest in capturing Mucchad, much to Aladdin’s disappointment. He thinks about how worried Yasmine was when he told her about the day’s events while Meher wasn’t concerned at all. Yasmine is angry on Aladdin because he is flirting with Meher instead of saving Baghdad.

Meanwhile, Rukhsar decides to put up mirrors everywhere because the Jinn can be seen in mirrors but so can Ginu. Troubled by the mirrors, Ginu breaks all the mirrors, and Aladdin goes to bring the poisonous thorns that put the genies to sleep. He sends a letter to Yasmine because he wants her to help him but Meher reads the letter instead and comes. She troubles Aladdin, throws a lot tantrums and even runs away when Aladdin is in danger, angering him. Yasmine comes to save Aladdin as soon as she read the letter. Aladdin thinks about how Meher does not care about him or Baghdad while Yasmine risked her life to save his.

Aladdin then returns and finds out a flute which is used only against the Jinn and has unbearable note. Meher calls for Aladdin, and the latter thinks that she is in trouble because previously he said to her to signal him only in case she is in trouble. But when he reaches, it turns out that she called him for her pleasure. Aladdin gets angry on her and tries to leave but couldn't because heartbroken Yasmine closed the door from outside thinking Aladdin doesn’t care about Baghdad and Meher is more important for him. She leaves to help Rukhsar defeat the Genie.

Meanwhile, Ginu is getting troubled by the flutes and comes to his real form in the house to break the flutes, Rukhsar sees him and is shocked when Ginu being Jinn is revealed to her. She gets angry on him and denies him as her son. Ginu cries continuously trying to explain Rukhsar. At that moment, the people starts to knock the door and hesitating Rukhsar tells Ginu to go away. Ginu reluctantly goes. Nazneen and Mustafa taunt Rukhsar in front of everyone but Yasmine supports her. Aladdin comes in and gets to know that his mother has found out Ginu's secret.

Rukhsar scold Aladdin for keeping this secret to her because she knows that Ginu can't do any bad even if he is a Jinn, and cries for him. She starts worrying about Ginu who must be hungry and wondering outside, she also confess that she doesn't have any problem of Ginu being Genie and she asked Ginu to go because she had been trying to protect him from all the people who will mistreat Ginu if they find out his identity. She then orders Aladdin to bring their lovely Ginu back. Jinn-E-Anguthi confronts Ginu to manipulate him against Aladdin and Rukhsar but Ginu gets angry and defeats him.

Aladdin rubs the lamp and Ginu comes back, but the latter taunts humanity about their selfishness due to the evil manipulation by Jinn-E-Anguthi. Jinn-E-Anguthi takes control over Aladdin and orders Ginu to go back to the lamp, and Ginu has to go inside. Jinn takes control of the lamp and takes it. Aladdin and Yasmine fight against the Jinn, but the latter escapes to Zafar with the lamp. Zafar unleashes Ginu, and later instructs him to kill his previous master. Ginu does not do so. As a result, his magical power tries to kill him and unable to bear the pain, he finally agrees to kill Aladdin.

As Ginu hits Aladdin, Zafar can see the scene with the help of the powers of the Evil Jinn, and is able to see the Black Thief’s face and identifies him as Aladdin. He also finds out that Rukhsar who is Omar’s wife is alive and that Aladdin/Black thief is none other than Omar’s son but Omar does not know this. At the desert, when Ginu is almost about to kill Aladdin, Zafar rubs the lamp, calling him back. Yasmine saves a distressed Aladdin and comforts him. Seeing this, Aladdin reveals to her that Ginu is a genie and how he found him in a lamp.

He also promises to share everything with her but Yasmine feels guilty as she is keeping a secret from him: that she is in fact the Princess Yasmine of Baghdad. Aladdin has started hating Meher who he thinks to be the Princess and Yasmine is disappointed because she is the real Princess Yasmine. Aladdin dislikes her as he thinks she is selfish and only cares about herself, which is not true as the real Princess is Yasmine who is selfless. Later on, Zafar orders Ginu to forget Aladdin and become evil. Ginu reluctantly does so and becomes and evil and powerful Jinn.

Aladdin has a dream that Ginu is in the palace, but when he goes there to find him, Meher sees him and orders the guards to cut off his head! Yasmine saves him from being executed and he is grateful. Later, Yasmine forcefully sends Meher back to her kingdom after she tried to have Aladdin executed. Meher, though stubborn at first, leaves Baghdad. Aladdin later decides to make Mirchi Halwa so that he can attract Ginu. Yasmine meets him and when she helps him, he sees how much she cares for him. Later, Ginu calls Aladdin to a secret place. There the Jinn of ring troubles Aladdin but he manages to escape. Meanwhile, Yasmine has a dream about Aladdin.

Aladdin has a dream about Ginu and he leaves a clue in the form of a picture of a house. At the palace, Zafar calls Chacha and Chachi and tells them to spy on Aladdin and Ruskhar. They agree and start spying the next day when Aladdin meets Yasmine and they try to find Ginu with the picture. When Aladdin tells her he is happy how she isn’t keeping any secrets from him she feels guilty as he cannot tell him she is Princess Yasmine. They go to a fortune teller who predicts that they both have feelings for each other. Hearing this, Aladdin and Yasmine start wondering what they feel for each other.

After the fortune teller tells them where the house is, they go there and also manage to avoid Chacha and Chachi. They don their thief outfits but Omar sees them. Yasmine distracts him so that Aladdin can find Ginu and Zafar is watching all of this with the help of the genies. After losing Omar, Yasmine's mask comes off and Zafar sees this. He realizes that she knows Aladdin and is angry because of this as he himself hopes to marry Yasmine.

Aladdin finds another clue in the house. While he is coming back, he thinks about Yasmine and how well she understands him. He also thinks of her as being very sweet and beautiful, but is confused as to why he is feeling that way. After that, he is suddenly transported to a cave where Evil Ginu has called him. Aladdin sees that Ginu has turned evil and tries to bring his memories back but in vain. Meanwhile, Zafar thinks about what is going on between Yasmine and Aladdin. Aladdin manages to escape from Ginu as he does not recognize him without his mask. He also comes to know Mucchad and the lamp are in the palace. Aladdin meets Yasmine and they come close to each other as Aladdin was worried about her safety from Omar. He also shows her the solar clock which he found at the house.

The next day, the Ginns try to help Zafar impress Yasmine by sending some goons to the palace. The plan was that Zafar will save Yasmine from the goons but this backfires and Yasmine gets hurt on her hand. The goon pushes her but Aladdin saves her and is enraged to see her hand bleeding. He then beats up the goons and they the Ginns make them vanish. Zafar is furious to see Aladdin and makes a plan to trap him. When Aladdin reaches home, he is lost in Yasmine’s thoughts and Rukhsar teases him about it. The next day at the palace, Yasmine helps Aladdin narrow their search down to 3 rooms with the solar clock. Delighted, Aladdin hugs her and they come close to each other.

Zafar tries to impress Yasmine by dueling with her with a sword. But this plan also backfires as Yasmine wins and Zafar falls into a pond of water. Meanwhile, at home Rukhsar figures that Aladdin likes Yasmine but he refuses to accept this fact. She tells him to tell her soon before someone else does and Aladdin realizes that he loves her. Then Yasmine comes to visit Aladdin at night. Aladdin who wakes up and thinks it’s a dream almost confesses his feelings but when Yasmine falls he comes to his senses and does not tell what he feels for her. However, they share some warm moments and come quite close to each other. Yasmine tells Aladdin about her plan: that Aladdin will come disguised as a painter with other painters who are going to come to the palace the next day. The next day Yasmine makes fun of Zafar and he realizes that Yasmine does not like him and decides to take revenge. Yasmine and Aladdin find the room in which the lamp is. They enter a secret room and find it filled with hundreds of lamps. Aladdin realizes that all the clues were set by Mucchad to trick him and he decides to find Mucchad instead.

However, Zafar and the King come to the secret room and Zafar recognizes Aladdin as the Black Thief. Yasmine forces Aladdin to flee without her while she handles her father. He sends out guards to find the thief and Aladdin and Yasmine try to find each other as they think the other one is in trouble. Upon meeting Yasmine Aladdin hugs her and tells her how important she is to him. He then breaks down on not being able to find Ginu and Yasmine comforts him. Zafar then sees them both in the same room. He then orders Jinn of the Ring to cause havoc in Baghdad again which he does.

Meanwhile at the palace, the Queen is enraged on hearing that Yasmine was with a thief in a room and decides to get her married as soon as possible. The King asks Yasmine what kind of boy she wants and Aladdin immediately comes to mind. The Queen tells her that no matter who it is, he has to be of royal blood and Yasmine gets worried again as Aladdin is a commoner. Then at the city, Rukhsar comes face to face with Omar and he reveals why he was away. They decide to keep meeting but before Rukhsar can tell him about Aladdin he leaves as soldiers come there. When Aladdin reaches home, he gets suspicious about Zafar because nobody knows what the Black Thief (Aladdin) really looks like. But in the room, Zafar called him the Black Thief even though Aladdin was not in his costume and covering his mouth with a different cloth. He decides to investigate.

At the palace, Yasmine gets lost in Aladdin’s thoughts when her mother the Queen is talking about Yasmine’s marriage. She dreamily walks away and the King realizes she is in love with someone. Yasmine meanwhile falls asleep and has a dream in which she confesses her feelings to Aladdin who loves her back. She realise she is in love with Aladdin and when her father the King confronts her about this, she tells him she is in love with Aladdin. Her father doesn't have any problem with Aladdin being commoner as long as he is kind hearted and later he decides to meet Aladdin. Yasmine is now troubled because she still have to tell Aladdin that she is the real princess of Baghdad. She told her father that she has yet to tell Aladdin about herself, then the King insisted even more to meet Aladdin because he thinks Aladdin doesn't want Yasmine because she is a princess but because he really loves her.

Aladdin discovers that Zafar is ordering extra spicy food and suspecting this to be for Genie, Aladdin follows a servant to Zafar’s room. He cannot go in as it is locked by Ginu’s magic and suspects that Zafar is helping Mucchad. He meets Yasmine and tells her about this. Yasmine debates between telling Aladdin how she feels and holding it off when Aladdin takes her to a beautiful hill to talk. There, while playing a game, they both almost confess their feelings to each other, but their moment breaks when it is morning. The next morning they go to Zafar’s room but cannot find anything because of an illusion created by Evil Ginu.

Afterwards, Yasmine tells Aladdin that her father wants to meet him and Aladdin, who initially shows no interest, realizes that he needs to give matters like these more importance as he is forgetting about all this in his search of Ginu. Meanwhile, Omar comes to know about Zafar’s true colors and Zafar reveals he is the one who framed Omar. He also reveals he is Mucchad and has the two genies. He then captures Omar but leaves Evil Ginu to watch him. Omar takes advantage of his innocence and tries to escape.

At the palace, Yasmine gets concerned about what Aladdin feels for her because of his lack of interest to meet her father. She starts ignoring Aladdin and cries because she has nothing to tell her father who wants to meet him. Gulbadan hides a sword in Aladdin’s stuff which Rukhsar finds and questions Aladdin about. He finds out a Gulbadan is the one who hid it there and comes up with a plan to get Zafar’s secrets from him.

He meets Yasmine and pacifies her. He tells her of his plan that he wants her to pose as Princess Yasmine and question Gulbadan. The next day she appears wearing a beautiful royal dress like the Princess and Aladdin is instantly smitten and mesmerized by her beauty. He can’t take his eyes off of her and keeps smiling. He follows her into the garden where she is to meet Gulbadan, but he refuses to leave and keeps on looking at her, even reciting a few romantic poems. When Gulbadan arrives, he leaves and Yasmine successfully gets information about Zafar’s upcoming plan. She finds out he is going to perform black magic the following night to become powerful.

Then, when Gulbadan leaves, Aladdin starts admiring Yasmine again and agrees to meet her father. He then leaves to get a new invention from Bulbul Chacha who tells him that the genies will lose their powers for a few minutes before the spell is complete. Meanwhile, Nazneen and Mustafa start looking for a potential bride for Gulbadan.

After getting a sleeping potion from Bulbul Chacha, Aladdin leaves to meet Yasmine. Meanwhile, she follows Gulbadan who is taking the sword to Zafar. She leaves to find Aladdin. When they meet, she tells him about what she saw and Aladdin gets angry at her because she risked her life without telling him. He then plans to make her unconscious so she doesn’t take any more risks. He shows her the potion and she smells it. She slowly falls unconscious into Aladdin's arms. He tells her (still asleep) that he didn't want her to get in danger and that he will come back for her. He confesses that he loves her, though Yasmine doesn’t hear him as she is asleep.

He leaves to investigate the secret room since he knows that when the eclipse occurs, all Jinns lose their powers. He opens the door slightly and sees that Mucchad is actually Badshah Salamaat, the king. He is shocked and couldn't believe what he saw.

Meanwhile, Zafar's plans keep working. He plots to make Aladdin believe that the King is Mucchad. He tells the King that Aladdin is the Black Thief. He also brings Nazneen and Mustafa as witnesses in front of the King to proof that Aladdin is the Black thief who is considered to be one of Baghdad's enemy and his father is none other than Omar. Upon hearing this, the King gets shocked and asks Zafar to call his daughter. Zafar goes for calling Yasmine and then Yasmine asks about the matter.

The King then asks Yasmine whether she knew about Aladdin being the Black Thief and Yasmine instantly feels guilty because she didn't want Aladdin's secret to be revealed like this but does not lie and says she was aware of this. The King is angry on hearing this but Yasmine argues with her father that Aladdin is Kind hearted and the Black Thief only tries to help the people. When the King refuses to believe this and makes wrong conclusions about Aladdin, Yasmine can’t endure it and gets into verbal fight with her father. They both then refuses to talk to each other anymore.

Yasmine then met Aladdin but Aladdin accuses the King of being Mucchad and she gets furious. Aladdin is shocked to see her so angry. Yasmine then leaves and Aladdin tries to follow her but soldiers come and arrest him.

With his evil manipulating words, Zafar told the King to arrest Aladdin. The King then starts to insult Aladdin by comparing him with his father and accuses Aladdin to be the greatest threat to the city. Aladdin also accuses the King to be the real threat because he is the Mucchad who behind the Palace do all crimes. This was actually a trick to impose Aladdin into believing that the King is Muchhad. Aladdin fumes out and is ready to punish the King as Muchhad. Yasmine, meanwhile, cries and taunts herself that she loved a boy like Aladdin. In the court, whilst the Genie of Ring controls the King. The King then order the soldiers to leave, leaving the two of them, and that's when the King started to talk with Muchhad's voice to tease Aladdin.

Aladdin starts a fight with the King and started to chase him as the King runs away to Zafar's room. There, he accidentally kills the King with a sword thinking that he is the swordsman created by Ginu. Yasmine sees Aladdin with the bloodstained sword and her dead father. She is heartbroken after seeing this incident. Meanwhile Zafar, along with his soliders came in and sent Aladdin to Jail. Next morning, Zafar announces Badshah's death. Zafar also presents Jinn-e-Anguthi as Aladdin's Genie where Jinn-e-Anghuti admits that Black Thief is his master and Jinn created havoc in Baghdad as per his orders. Zafar then cuts Jinn-e-Anguthi's ponytail which is the source of his power, in front of everyone and the ginn returns to the ring. It adds to Yasmine's grief as she believed everything that Aladdin said to her and Jinn's statement proves that Aladdin is a liar.

Aladdin is taken in front of the people for the princess to announce the punishment. Everyone present there is shocked when Yasmine takes her mask off and her real face is seen. They are surprised because they knew her as a commoner named Sana. Everyone were shocked to see Aladdin as the Kala Chor, and they started to taunt him. Aladdin is shocked to see Yasmine as the Princess and everything makes sense as to how she got in and out of the palace easily and why the guards listened to her. Yasmine slaps Aladdin and announces that the punishment to be given to Aladdin is he should he cemented between the bricks in palace the next morning.

Yasmine then meets Aladdin in the dungeon and breaks down in front of him. She questions him as to why he killed her father but Aladdin has no answer for this. This enrages her and she tells him that she has now started hating him and Aladdin gets very sad.

Zafar, with the help of Ginu, brings Omar to a cliff and also reveals that Aladdin is his son and he is to be cemented between the bricks. Then, he throws Omar. But Omar survives and immediately goes to his home, asks Mustafa and Nazneen about Aladdin. Meanwhile, Rukhsar goes to meet Aladdin in jail and Aladdin tells her to meet his Ustaad whom he saw nearby. But Ustaad is not there. Instead, there is a locket which Rukhsar identifies as Omar's. Aladdin identifies the locket as his Ustaad's and comes to know that his Ustaad is none other than his father Omar. Aladdin is taken outside as it is time for his death. Outside the palace, everyone is present to see Aladdin cemented. Omar is disguised as an old man. The procedure of Aladdin's death starts by Zafar's hands and at last Yasmine puts the last brick in. Everyone except Rukhsar is gone and she cries for her son's death.

Season 2[edit]

The story takes a year's leap, and it is revealed Aladdin is alive and lives in Egypt as Ali. He works there as a slave in a mine. There, he saves the lives of many other slaves by stopping an enormous statue from falling on them. When they all cheer for him, the strict chief Tahir gets angry as the statue is partially broken. When he sees Aladdin looking at a picture of his mother, he orders for him to be locked in a room as punishment and during this time, Aladdin is shocked to see the Jinn-e-Anghuti’s Ring on Tahir’s hand. He convinced him to throw the ring away in the room and when he is gone, Aladdin rubs the ring and becomes the new master of Genie (Jinn-e-Anghuti). When he tries to punish G.O.T.R. for what he did to Aladdin, he reveals to a shocked Aladdin that it was Zafar who murdered the King and made it look like Aladdin did it in order to frame him.

Meanwhile in Baghdad, Yasmine is still mourning the death of her father and has lost her faith in love. Piddhi tries to comfort her, but in vain as Yasmine has become very cold-hearted. Zafar tells her that the King had a will in which he stated that he wants Yasmine to become the Queen of Baghdad and marry Zafar. Yasmine agrees to marry Zafar out of her hatred for Aladdin. It turns out that Zafar had changed the will to his liking with the help of Evil Ginu. Meanwhile, Aladdin has decided to get revenge on Zafar as G.O.T.R. reveals to him that Zafar has taken over all neighboring kingdoms with the help of Evil Ginu. Ali (Aladdin) manages to trick Tahir and escapes from the room with Jinn-e-Anghuti who is impressed with Aladdin’s trick. He decides to help Aladdin in taking revenge from Zafar.

At the palace, Piddhi tries to comfort Yasmine again but she thinks loving Aladdin only gave her pain and sadness, which Rukhsar overhears as she works in the palace now. It is revealed Piddhi is also engaged. Meanwhile, in the city it is revealed that Gulbadan has gotten married to a rich and very demanding girl named Gulfam. Her father is very rich and he is going to give Nazneen and Mustafa a lot money, because of which she treats them both like servants. In Egypt, Aladdin looks at the moon and has flashbacks of his time with Yasmine and misses her. But then he gets angry on Zafar for framing him for the murder of Yasmine’s father (the King).

He tells G.O.T.R. how Omar (his father) and Bulbul Chacha saved him from an underground tunnel under his wall. However, while running away they are chased by soldiers. Omar then shields Aladdin from spears thrown by the guards and dies in the process. Bulbul Chacha arrives and Aladdin reluctantly leaves Omar and runs away. Now he decides that it is finally time for the vengeance and decides to use Zafar's greed as it is his weakness.

Meanwhile Evil Ginu is sent to Yasmine's room disguised as a lady merchant sent by Zafar to deliver the dress Zafar got prepared for their engagement. Yasmine is outraged after seeing an ordinary dress. She is furious when she gets the idea that Zafar wants her to be a housewife. She confronts Zafar and tells him she has no intention of being a housewife and that she is going to become the new ruler of Baghdad. Zafar realizes his plan has backfired as he was expecting to get Yasmine busy in the married life while he gets to rule Baghdad. But he cleverly tells her that if was only a gift and he stands with her to help her rule Baghdad.

G.O.T.R. tells him of a place called Tarim where there is a hidden treasure and they both leave to go there, only to find the city deserted. Aladdin and G.O.T.R. get near a waterfall in the shape of a lion. But when Ali (Aladdin) drinks water from the waterfall, the lion's eyes start glowing and the land starts to tear apart. He and Jinn-e-Anghuti both fall in the hole and see that they are in a room full of dead bodies.

They are confronted by the guardian of the treasure, Al Mardood, who is a skilled fighter. He brings the dead bodies to life to fight Ali (Aladdin). No matter how hard he tries, Ali (Aladdin) can’t kill any of them and he realizes that he can’t kill someone who is already dead. G.O.T.R. notices a pouch that Al Mardood had been trying to protect. Aladdin fights Al Mardood and finds out that if Al Mardood is exposed to moonlight, then he and his army can easily be killed.

At the palace, Yasmine wears the hairpin and keeps repeating things Piddhi says, like a parrot. Zafar disguises Ginu as his brother and brings him in front of the Queen and Yasmine. Yasmine keeps repeating the phrases said by Ginu and eats a lot of chilies. When Piddi removes the hairpin, Yasmine turns to her normal behaviour and scolds Piddi for saying that she was acting like parrot.

In the cave, Ali (Aladdin) kills Al Mardood and G.O.T.R. brings a pouch in which Aladdin finds a locket and a bottle. When he was going to drink the water, a fish comes out of the bottle and turns into a female Genie who introduces herself as Jinee-Minee, a Genie and a goldfish. G.O.T.R. is immediately attracted to her. She has the power to freeze any human or object for 30 seconds. Ali throws the locket saying that he doesn't have time for this. A blast occurs and another Genie is seen who is of the size of a child. He introduces himself as Chand Changezi or “Chacha”. He has the voice of an old man and he has the power to turn into any object for 30 seconds.

The three of them start arguing and Ali gets frustrated and orders them to help him get the treasure. Chacha turns into a hammer on Ali's orders and Ali breaks the wall to get the treasure. Chand Changezi gives Ali the pouch Al Mardood had been carrying as a solution to get all the treasure. Together, Ali and the three genies grab the treasure and escape just in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, at the palace Yasmine starts flapping her hands like a parrot in her engagement. Just after Zafar puts the ring on her hand, she turns into a parrot, shocking the Queen, Piddhi, and the rest of Baghdad. Zafar takes advantage of this and says he will become the Sultan of Baghdad until Yasmine gets cured. Ali, alongwith his genies, comes to Baghdad.

Jinee Minee and Chand Changezi come just outside the palace and introduce themselves as Sara and Chand Changezi, Ali’s siblings. Chand Changezi introduces G.O.T.R as their servant Jhumroo. There, they impress the Royal guests and invite them to a party organised by Ali. On the day of Zafar's coronation, all the guests are absent which makes Zafar very angry. He learns that they all have gone to the biggest party of Baghdad organised by Ali. He gets angry and leaves for the party to meet and punish Ali.

Meanwhile, Yasmine, who is still a parrot, flies off from Palace to Baghdad city. Gulbadan comes back home and reveals that Yasmine has flown away from the palace and Zafar will punish them for that. He, along with his father and mother, set out to find Yasmine. While finding her, they get to know about Ali's party and run there to eat the free food.

When Zafar arrives the party, he is impressed to see the lavishness and expensive items. Gulbadan is afraid after seeing Zafar in the party thinking that he will get punished by Zafar. Zafar goes into the room where Ali is present and is shocked to see Aladdin. After Aladdin introduces himself as Ali, Zafar calls the soldiers and orders them to kill the Black Thief who is alive. Ali beats the soldiers and all the guests come to see Ali. Gulbadan, Mustafa, Nazneen and others are shocked to see Aladdin alive. Nazneen and Mustafa become afraid because if Aladdin finds out that they are treating Rukhsar as a servant, he would punish them.

Ali sits and his family, which includes the three Genies, say that he is the richest merchant/trader in the world. Ali says that he wants a chance to prove that he is not any Black Thief. Zafar agrees and they go to the place where Aladdin was cemented and Zafar calls a servant to break the wall and find Aladdin's skeleton. While he is breaking the wall, Ali gives Jinee Minee/Sara a hint to stop time. She does so and Ali orders Chacha to become a skeleton and get inside the wall. Soldiers find the bones and they get frightened when skeletons move by themselves, thinking that Black Thief's spirit is here.

Zafar orders soldiers to bring Ali and his family to his court. In the way, Chacha calls Jinee Minee “nakchadi”, reminding Aladdin of Yasmine. He wonders how she is and sees a parrot who is actually Yasmine, but he is unaware of this fact. Zafar tells Ali of his plans of ruling Baghdad while Gulbadan, alongwith Mustafa and Nazneen, arrive searching for Yasmine. Mustafa mistakenly says the truth in front of Ali that they had helped in Zafar's plan of capturing Black Thief.

Zafar orders them to leave. It is revealed that Yasmine is safe with Piddi who found her. Zafar calls an executioner who is actually Ginu. Seeing Ginu, Ali starts to get emotional but manages to get a hold of himself before Zafar suspects anything. Ali's Genies feel that the executioner is a Genie. He threatens to kill Jhumroo but when he comes to threaten Sara, he gets smitten by her beauty and Jhumroo feels jealous. Ginu then tries to threaten Ali but stops after Zafar tells him to.

Yasmine, who is still a parrot, flies into the court and then sits on Ali's shoulder. Zafar reveals that it is actually Yasmine. Ali shows no reaction. Zafar tells that he now believes Ali and invites him to a Royal feast. Actually, it is Zafar's plan. He is going to do something in the feast. When Ali and his family is in a room, Yasmine enters the room through the window. Ali gets flashbacks of her. It is revealed that Ali had sent G.O.T.R to Baghdad to check everyone's status before coming and Ali threw a party so that Zafar cannot be declared as King. Chand Changezi tells Ali that someone has done Black Magic on Yasmine and they have to turn Yasmine back before 36 hours. When they are searching for Yasmine, Zafar arrives and takes Ali to the Royal feast.



  • Siddharth Nigam as Aladdin / Ali[4]. In season 1 he was a kind hearted young man who was also the infamous Black Thief or "Kaala Chor" of Baghdad. He loves Princess Yasmine (“nakchadi”) of Baghdad. In season two he takes up the name “Ali” and is the master of three genies - Jinn-E-Anguthi (G.O.T.R.) Chand Changezi or “Chacha”, and a Jinee Minee a mermaid who is also a Genie. He enters Baghdad as the world richest merchant and trader.
  • Avneet Kaur as Yasmine[5], the Sultan's daughter and the princess of Baghdad who is the future Sultana of Baghdad (Queen). She is also “nakchadi” or “Sana” for Aladdin. She also loves Aladdin but later begins to hate him after he kills her father. She decides to marry Zafar as per her father's wish.
  • Amir Dalvi as Zafar[6], a deceptive sorcerer, the Grand Vizier of Baghdad who plots to overthrow the Sultan as the ruler of Baghdad by acquiring the magical lamp containing the Genie. He "loves" Princess Yasmine and wants to marry her. He is now engaged to Yasmine.
  • Raashul Tandon as Hassan / Ginu[7] or Chirag ka Jinn (Lamp's genie), a Jinn who was once the servant of a powerful enchantress and has the power to grant magical wishes. His master was Aladdin but is Zafar now, and he has now helped Baghdad take control of nearby regions.
  • Praneet Bhat as G.O.T.R. / Anghuti Chhaap[8] or Anghuti ka jinn, Jinn of the ring guarded by the Zehraal in Misr whose master was Zafar, and in order to succeed his plans, he trapped him back to the ring. Tahir used to wear the ring but was unaware of the reality of the ring. Ali deceived Tahir and got the ring, and became the genie's master. Ali gave the ring to Tahir as part of his plan to come out of the pyramid he was trapped in by Tahir. He later took the ring back and headed to Baghdad with the genie.
  • Smita Bansal as Ruksaar, Aladdin's mother, her husband Omar has been accused as a traitor due to which she faces backlash from the society. She lives with Aladdin in Aladdin's aunt house. Currently she is working in Royal Palace and is unknown of the fact that her son Aladdin is alive and her husband Omar is dead.
  • Gireesh Sahedev as Omaar, Aladdin's father, also called 'Ustad Ji' by Aladdin, he was once Grand Vizier of Baghdad, but was framed by Zafar as a traitor. Later he became the protector of Lamp's Jinn. After the lamp was taken by Aladdin, he came back to Baghdad where he started following Rukhsaar. Meanwhile, Zafar lied to him that Kala Chor is a threat for Baghdad and he decided to overthrow Kala Chor. Upon learning all the truth about Zafar, he decided to exact revenge on him. He came to know Aladdin was his son, and was killed saving Aladdin from a spear thrown at Aladdin by a royal guard. (dead)
  • Sonal Bhojwani as Jinee-Minee / Genie of the Bottle, a mermaid-like genie of the bottle. Her master is Aladdin.
  • Krishang Bhanushali as Chaand Changezi / Genie of the Pendant. He has the appearance of a child, but voice of an adult. His master is Aladdin.


  • Vikas Grover as Gulbadan, Aladdin's cousin, head of palace guards
  • Gulfam Khan as Nazneen Begum, Gulbadan's mother, Aladdin's aunt
  • Badrul Islam as Mustafa, Gulbadan's father, Omar's brother, Aladdin's uncle
  • Gyan Prakash as Badshah Shahnawaz, The Sultan of Baghdad, Yasmine's father (dead)
  • Yashu Dhiman as Mehrunisa or Mallika Begum, The Sultana (Queen) of Baghdad, Yasmine's mother
  • Farhina Parvez as Piddhi, Yasmine's loyal handmaiden and best friend. She often comforts Yasmine when she is upset.
  • Srishti Maheshwari as Gulegulfam, Gulbadan's wife. She is a very demanding, cunning and rich girl.


Year Award Category Recipient Reference
2018 Zee Rishtey Awards Best New Show Aladdin — Naam Toh Suna Hoga
Indian Television Academy Awards Best Actor In A Negative Role Aamir Dalvi [9]


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