Aladdin Free Public License

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Aladdin Free Public License
Latest version9
PublisherAladdin Enterprises
PublishedSeptember 18, 2000 (2000-09-18)
SPDX identifierAladdin
Debian FSG compatibleNo
FSF approvedNo[1]
OSI approvedNo
GPL compatibleNo

The Aladdin Free Public License, abbreviated AFPL, is a license written by L. Peter Deutsch for his Ghostscript PostScript language interpreter.


The license was derived from the GNU General Public License, but differs on two key points:

  • The source code must be included with any software distribution.
  • The software may not be sold, including any fees involved with distribution.

Deutsch chose to include a commercial restriction in the AFPL based on his observation of people including Ghostscript in commercial products without full license compliance.[2] Recent versions of Ghostscript are not licensed under the AFPL.[3]

Despite the name, the Free Software Foundation does not consider the AFPL a free software license,[1] neither the OSI consider it an open-source license, nor does it fall under the Copyfree Standard definition.[4] The AFPL can be considered a source-available license.

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