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Aladdin Industries is a vendor of lunchboxes, kerosene lamps, stoves and thermal food storage containers. It evolved from the Western Lighting Company, founded in 1907 by Victor S. Johnson, Sr. and incorporated in 1908 as the Mantle Lamp Company. Aladdin Industries was created as a subsidiary of Mantle Lamp Company in 1914, specifically to manufacture vacuum bottles. The company was further diversified under former president Johnson's leadership. It was the maker of the first character lunchbox, using images of Hopalong Cassidy, in 1950.[1]

Aladdin is now a brand of privately held Pacific Market International (PMI), and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices in Europe, Asia and Australia. Aladdin Industries, LLC, produced its last thermal products in Nashville, Tennessee in July 2002, closing its factory on Murfreesboro Road after Pacific Market International purchased it. As of 2009, they still sell vacuum flasks and other thermal products manufactured under contract with the Aladdin name.


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