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Alafua is an urban village in the Faleata District in Samoas capital of Apia.

Alafua has about about 157 residents mostly in the upper part of Alafua.The village is home to the USP University Campus.It is also near the Robert Louis Stevenson school which is a private school in the neighboring village of Lotopa located about 1 minute away from the village.

Many European families that migrated to Samoa are living in Alafua such as the Huffnagels, The Arps,The Wendts and The Stünzners. Alafua also has two High Schools which are St Joseph's High School and Don Bosco Boys High school.

Alafua is also known to be a Upper class Suburban area because of the area not being like other Samoan villages having curfews and village Leaders called "Matais".

Religion in Alafua is Mostly Christian having a percentage of 98%, While Athiesim is 1% and 1% other religions.Alafua only has one church which is The Church of Later Day Saints known as the Mormon Church. Coordinates: 13°51′S 171°47′W / 13.850°S 171.783°W / -13.850; -171.783