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Alain Chamfort at the "Festival Fnac Indétendances" in Paris, 22 July 2006.

Alain Chamfort (born Alain Le Govic; 2 March 1949 in Paris) is a French singer of Breton origin.

He was a promising pianist in his youth, and the piano became his instrument of choice. His first band, "The Dreamers" had minor success as a repertory jazz outfit, and was followed by a typically sixties rock music group "Murator".

He met famed writer and producer, Jacques Dutronc, who proposed to help Chamfort with future works for television and film, and it is with Dutronc that Chamfort's career expanded. After being discovered by Dutronc, it was with Claude François and ultimately Serge Gainsbourg that he made a number of albums, including his first album recorded as Alain Chamfort: "Poses". A single from the album, "Manureva" remains one of the most famous songs to date by Chamfort.

Alain Chamfort composed for the cinema; he worked with Jean-Pierre Mocky and with Arnaud Sélignac. As an actor, he was in front of the camera in "Men/Toys/Girl" in 2001.[1] In 2004, he became a member of the board of directors of SACEM.


Studio albums[edit]

  • Je Pense A Elle, Elle Pense A Moi (1973, Flèche)
  • Un coin de vie, Madonna Madonna (1974)
  • Mariage A L'Essai (1976, CBS)
  • Rock'n Rose (1977, CBS)
  • Poses (1979, CBS)
  • Amour, Année Zéro (1981, CBS)
  • Secrets Glacés (1983, CBS)
  • Tendres Fièvres (1986, CBS)
  • Trouble (1990, CBS)
  • Neuf (1993, Epic)
  • Personne N'Est Parfait (1997, Epic)
  • Le Plaisir (2003, Delabel)
  • Une vie Saint Laurent (2010)
  • Elles & Lui (2012, Mercury)
  • Alain Chamfort (2015, PIAS)

Live albums[edit]

  • Double Vie (1988, CBS)
  • Impromptu Dans Les Jardins Du Luxembourg (2005, XIII Bis)


  • Ce N'est Que Moi (2000, Epic) 1977–2000
  • Le Chemin Est Le Bonheur 1976–2006 (2006, XIII Bis) 1976–2005


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